how to clean concrete dust in house

Every type of home renovation leaves dust particles and other messy leftovers behind. Just when you think the work has been done, the cleanup process has only begun. Since the entire cleanup process can easily become overwhelming, hiring a post renovation cleaning service is a good way to take care of this issue. The pros will make your place sparkle and you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Renovating a home can often include working on the concrete part of the foundation, which is bound to leave concrete dust behind. These particles not only create the look of a dirty home, but are also dangerous for your health if inhaled over a period of time. This is why it’s important that you learn how to clean concrete dust in house renovation aftermath.


The cleanup process should start immediately as the renovation has ended, so the dust can be cleaned effectively. A good way to start is by wiping down all visible surfaces from top to bottom. This way, any leftover dust will fall onto the ground where it can easily be vacuumed later. Don’t forget the walls and cabinet doors, as well as the interior parts of shelves and cabinets.

Try to find the correct type of cleaning agent for every surface you tackle so you don’t produce additional damage to it. There are different kinds of walls associated with different cleaning methods. Use a dry or a damp cloth depending on the type you have and tend to the walls with care to avoid causing damage to the paint. If you tidy up all the hidden corners, there will be no surprise dust leftovers later and you can carry on with other chores.


This is a more comprehensive part of the cleaning than it first seems. You’ve already taken care of the walls, but all types of curtains and upholstery can still hold dust specs. Vacuum them before moving on to the surrounding furniture. When it comes to seats and cushions, they require individual attention for the best cleaning results. This is why knowing how to clean concrete dust in house situations is useful for homeowners.

Only after taking care of the furniture should you go to the ground level and tend to the carpets. Remember, they can be really tough to clean because of the embedded particles and you might even need to vacuum them twice to get the desired effect.

Cleaning ventilators and filters

As ventilation shafts and air vents are a way for dust to spread throughout the entire household, they should not be forgotten during the cleaning session. Even if you think there is no dirt which can be spread, take off the wall and ceiling covers and clean them just in case. This also applies to the air filters which could have been exposed to any dangerous debris, so no allergic reactions can happen later on. Change the filters if necessary, because you can never be too thorough.

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