How Cleanliness Affects Your Vacation Rental Reviews and Revenue

If you are venturing into vacation renting, there are several things to consider. You are now part of the hospitality industry. This means that your revenue will depend on the reviews from your customers.

Cleanliness can be the deciding factor for a great online review. Think about the impression a complete clean household would leave on you. Now imagine the reviews you will get from your visitors if you keep your property spotless. No matter if you hire Airbnb cleaning services or do it yourself, your guests will likely mention how clean your rental is.

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How To Clean A Clogged Drain Effectively

The last thing which you want are clogged drains, whether inside the house or outside. While big sewers outside the homes need special tools and infrastructure for cleaning and unclogging, those inside homes can be done quite easily provided we have some basic idea as to how it can be done. We will look at…

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