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Renovations are a necessary evil. We all know that renovations are expensive and time consuming, but most people don’t realize how much work goes into the clean up after they’re done. This post will provide you with some tips on how to make sure your renovation cleaning is worth it by maximizing efficiency, minimizing mistakes and saving money in the process!

Perform final check with the Contractor

Before cleaning, It’s always good idea to do at least one final walk through with your contractor before they leave for any outstanding issues or repairs that need tending too. This should also be during low traffic hours so people don’t get in the way while trying to finish up details like putting down flooring, removing debris etc.

Clean up clutter

The clutter collected over time can give off an impression of being messy or unkempt. Take some time now after your contractor has left, take care of it so that you have plenty more space for new items of decor.

Start with the big stuff first

Start by tackling all of the big pieces such as furniture, appliances, carpets etc before picking up smaller things like papers lying around or knickknacks off shelves since these can typically be cleaned in short order without much fuss compared to larger items!


Dust can also embed itself into your carpets, curtains and furniture which will make you miserable if left to accumulate. Vacuum everything meticulously – the corners of your house are especially important because they’re usually neglected by most people but even areas that get less attention deserve a closer inspection at least once every few weeks or so (kitchen, bathroom) Give yourself extra time when it comes to vacuuming though; one thing I’ve learned is that each room in my house has different needs for vacuum power settings based on carpet type/quality as well as rug depth- this means there might be times where you need more than basic suction strength while other times an adjustment would suffice

Wipe everything down

After you vacuum and start dusting, your next step is to clean up. The first thing you should do in any new space are walls because they can also harbor dust and other particles that aren’t visible with the naked eye. What’s best for this? Dry-dusting! It might be a little tough since it requires wiping down everything but if nothing else has been done yet then dry-dusting will work out just fine so long as there hasn’t already been paint applied on those surfaces (which would make them impossible). But don’t worry – all hope isn’t lost even if someone did cover these areas of your home or office before vacuuming; damp cloths are an equally great option when cleaning without leaving stains behind.

Clean air vents and filters

The air we breathe in after renovations can be quite bad and full of chemicals and dust particles. This can impose danger on those with respiratory problems, so do not neglect your air vents and filters. You should make sure to clean your air vents, especially if you have done renovations in a bigger part of your home, or if you have renovated your whole house.

Clean everything else

You know you are the best cleaner in town when all that is left to do, after checking out those fundamental steps and cleaning up your space, is devote yourself to minor clean-up tasks. You can always count on a damp cloth and some of our amazing products for this task (don’t forget them). Cleaning windows? Check! Small electronic appliances or decorative items? Done! Pay attention not only light bulbs but ceiling fans as well as other fixtures like door knobs and handles so they sparkle too.

Too busy? Hire a professional cleaning service.

The No More Chores team of pros will do all the heavy lifting from removing drywall dust from floors to prepping surfaces. With years of experience on projects large and small, we’ll make sure everything gets done smoothly before leaving behind spotless results every time.

Unlike a DIY project, hiring professionals for your renovation cleaning is always less work in the long run! Plus it means you can finally get back to your life instead of cleaning up after construction for hours each day.

Need some peace-of-mind about tackling these kinds tasks alone or just want someone else there while you’re away at work? Let’s schedule an onsite consultation today – we’ll ensure that any old messes