Cleaning services Toronto share unusual cleaning tips

You go to a store and buy what you need – that’s the line of thinking we’re used to. There’s a cleaning product for pretty much any type of grime, dirt or stain you can imagine. But, did you know that some staple household items are also quite good at helping you deal with the daily wear-and-tear on your furniture, floors, and shoes? Your trusted provider of cleaning services Toronto has rounded up some of the easiest to use.

Old newspapers & mags

There’s no better or cheaper cloth to wipe down windows with than old newspaper. No streaks and no hassle whatsoever. Spray some window cleaning product or white vinegar onto a ball of newspaper and witness the magic.

Do your shoes, erm, smell funky? Here’s a small hack that will keep the bad smell away and also help your shoes retain their shape. Crumple newspaper into balls and stuff them into your shoes.

Odd socks

If you don’t have at least one odd sock which has lost its pair inexplicably, you must have some special powers. But, if you are like the rest of us who regularly lose socks, good news is you can use the socks without a pair to dust. Pull them over your hand like a puppet and dust away. This is especially handy (pun intended) if you are dusting blinds.


Now, to your bathroom cabinet. When you’re out of floor cleaner, grab some mouthwash. The dosage is said to be one cup per 5 liters. It should kill the bacteria and also give off a fresh energizing scent throughout your home.


Another product you use in conjunction with mouthwash – your toothpaste. If you have some silverware you’d like to polish and you don’t have any silver-polishing products, take some toothpaste and a soft cloth. Plain toothpaste should be best, because you don’t want something too abrasive (it would scratch the silver).


It may sound ridiculous or maybe even disgusting, but a dollop of mayo and a cloth could say goodbye to scuff marks on your wood furniture. The thing is mayonnaise contains oil, lemon and vinegar, which makes it nifty at removing dents and water marks on wood furniture. You can even let mayo sit on a water ring overnight, if it’s an especially stubborn mark.

Tennis ball

Want to tackle chores on the fly? Try wetting a tennis ball with some water and rubbing scuff marks on your baseboards.

Shaving foam

When you have a greasy spot on a light-coloured carpet, spritz some plain shaving foam. Leave it like that for at least half an hour and then remove the foam, with the stain, with some cloth and warm water.


A vodka is an excellent choice for your liquor cabinet. Use it to make a delicious cocktail or to remove your kids’ artwork from furniture. Take a photo of the masterpiece before you liquidate it with some vodka and a cloth.

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