The Best Spring Cleaning Playlist for 2019

There’s just something liberating and almost therapeutic about tidying up the house while jamming to some upbeat cleaning music, isn’t there? You probably already have a banging playlist full of hits, but we’d like to do our part and show you some tracks that you might have overlooked.  They are definitely a welcome distraction from the not-so-cool chores that we’re all forced to do during spring cleaning.


“Move Your Feet,” by Junior Senior

You’ll have to trust us on this: There’s no better song to get up and start cleaning than Junior Senior’s 2002 hit “Move Your Feet”. It’s as close to a scientific fact that conjecture can get, and you’ll know it as soon as you hit play.

Recommended chore: Whatever’s first on your checklist, preferably something that involves moving a lot.


“Eye of the Tiger,” by Survivor

The best you can do to a mundane chore is add an epic feeling to it, and there’s no chore more mundane than taking out the trash, something that spring cleaning will have you doing constantly (where does it all come from?).

Recommended chore: Taking out the trash, but not with your fists (although you might be tempted after the third bag).


“Run Away With Me,” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Yes, everyone had their fill of Carly’s 2012 earworm “Call Me Maybe” when it first came out (it was everywhere!), but her last album is so full of upbeat and easy-to-groove-to songs that you just can’t leave it out of your playlist.

Recommended chore: Washing the car, deck, patio, or anything with a hose.


“Countdown,” by Beyoncé

We’re no psychologists, but there’s something that’s amazingly empowering and motivational about Beyoncé’s voice, right? You can play her songs for pretty much any chore, so we’ll leave this one as a sort of free space for you to choose its spot.

Recommended chore: We suggest you pick your least favorite chore and power through it with Beyoncé.


“Get Down on It,” by Kool & The Gang

This is a song that questions “how are you gonna do it” and invites you to “get your back off the wall.” Sure, dancing and cleaning are worlds apart when it comes to enjoyability, but they do have something in common: Disco makes it all so much better.

Recommended chore: Sweeping or mopping under the bed, couches or low cabinets.


“Saved By The Bell,” by MIAMI NIGHTS 1984

This instrumental track is pure, unadulterated 80s synth nostalgia, so you’re sure to at least get a kick out of grooving to it if you grew up anywhere near that time. It’s, radical, dudes and dudettes!

Recommended chore: Again, if you have any memory of the 80s, cleaning your room to it should be a nostalgia trip.


“Orange Trees,” by Marina and The Diamonds

A booming voice and a summery feel are what you need to leave those countertops and tables shining again, and Marina gives you a great beat on top of that. Be careful, though; the lyrics might remind you of how badly you’d like to not be cleaning right now.

Recommended chore: Any chore that requires the use of citrus-smelling cleaners.


“Daft Punk is Playing at My House,” by LCD Soundsystem

Maybe you’re the type of person that needs a little extra motivation to clean, and this song will help you dance with a purpose. Just trick yourself into thinking that Daft Punk is actually playing a concert in your house tonight! You don’t want them to see a messy venue, right?

Recommended for: Cleaning out the garage, living room, or anywhere that need furniture moved around.

“Lose Yourself to Dance,” by Daft Punk

Every good DJ knows that you need to go out on a slower number for people to wind down after dancing all night, and cleaning’s pretty much the same, making this the perfect tune to stop cleaning for the day.

Recommended chore: Whatever’s last on your checklist. You’ve earned a break!

There you have them, a collection of tunes so upbeat and dance that you’ll be hard pressed to get tired during your spring cleaning routine. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that doing chores isn’t as bad as you though, so add them to your Spotify playlist today. But if that doesn’t work, you can always have someone else take care of the cleaning while you simply dance your worries away.

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