Table set for Holiday in Toronto

Table set for Holiday in TorontoCOVID-19 has kept many people at home, and with the Holidays fast approaching, people wonder how even to celebrate them. It’s not too late to give a little thought to a few things about how to enjoy the holiday season amid the pandemic, although keep in mind it won’t be as expected this year. 

COVID-19 can quickly spread from one person to another during any holiday activity where we gather for rituals or share meals. No matter the holiday, you must adhere to safety measures for you and your family’s sake.

Things to Do to Prepare for the Holidays during COVID

We want to make the holidays special. Nothing wrong with that. But that means that you will have to add a lot of events to the schedule. While they are fun, they can be dangerous if COVID measures are not put in place.

As we plan to attend holiday celebrations, don’t find yourself in a frenzy this year. Instead, follow these tips to prepare for any celebration.

  • Plan ahead

Jot down everything you intend to do during the holidays. Afterward, you need to ask yourself this question.  Are the activities safe for everyone’s health?

You will need to cut some activities from the list, perhaps making the meals yourself or sharing from the same plate.

  •    Start de-cluttering

A clean, clutter-free space contributes to a more relaxed and peaceful environment.  With the high risks of infections, try as much as possible to clean out and disinfect the entire house. Hire a home professional cleaning service while you’re at it! 

  •   Plan some fun events for your family

Now might be the best time to sit down and plan on how to conduct that outdoor activity. Due to strict measures put in place, outdoor activities will be the same.

You can choose to play soccer while maintaining social distance, watching movies, or visiting your favorite site. 

  •   Plan homemade gifts

Do you have plans on making homemade gifts this year? If so, plan. Don’t wait until the last minute. This year’s celebrations will be quite different. You will be required to employ safety tips in every activity. 

For that reason making homemade gifts will be much safer than purchasing from the shop.

  • Preserve Guests List

Just like the school register, a guest list is also essential. During COVID, it’s necessary to keep a record of the guests. Record keeping is important for possible contact tracing. 

  • List the number of guests to invite

This will help you to keep the gatherings small. Keep indoor meetings to 10 people or fewer and outside groups to 25 people or fewer.

Safety Tips

  • Wear face coverings at indoor and outdoor gatherings.
  • Maintain social distance by staying 6 feet away from others.
  • Wear your face mask correctly to cover your face and nose. The best face mask has two layers of fabric. If the celebration involves costume masks, don’t wear a face mask under it.

Bottom Line

A meaningful holiday is one crucial thing but celebrating differently is another thing. One secret to planning a safer holiday amid COVID is to plan. 

 Filling up every second of the holiday season with events and go-go-go might result in happy memories. But celebrating while adhering to safety health measures will bring healthier memories.

And don’t also forget about keeping your home clean, sanitized, and ready for any event, so schedule online for home cleaning maids services that will help you relax and enjoy the holiday while the professionals do the work.