cleaning service same day
cleaning service same day

Nothing can prepare you for the panic that sets in when you suddenly have to clean your house on short notice. You look around and realize there’s so much to do and probably just enough time to clean up one quarter of the mess!

We’ve all been there; red-faced and standing at the front door as we greet an unexpected visitor, knowing very well that they are about to walk into a house that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Let’s not even talk about the horror that overcomes you when they ask to use your not-so-clean bathroom!

With that said, we understand how difficult it can be to keep your Toronto home clean and tidy while balancing a job and/or several other responsibilities. Unless you’ve hired one of the many professional cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area to keep your home in tiptop condition, there will come a time (or multiple times) when a same day cleaning service is the need of the hour (literally)!

Instances When a Same Day Cleaning Service is Needed

There are quite a few circumstances under which an emergency cleaning of your property is required. Most of these are relatable amongst house owners across Toronto, and one thing for sure is that none of them want to go through the same experience again, and not have at least one or two reliable same day cleaning services they can turn to for a last minute appointment.

Now, let’s talk a little more about when homeowners can really benefit from an emergency home cleaning at the last second! 

Friends or Relatives Plan a Surprise Visit

Have you ever gotten a phone call from an old friend or relative (who lives far away) telling you that they’re in town and planning to come see you? In this scenario, you’re probably sitting in a messy house and only have a couple of hours to do something about it before they arrive! Surely, you want to welcome them into a clean and neat home but simply cannot achieve that without the help of cleaning services that will get the job done on the same day.

You’re Hosting a Last-Minute Dinner Party

Sometimes your weekend plans fall through and you impulsively decide to throw a dinner party at your place instead. So, while you spend the little time that you have to plan the party and arrange for food and beverages, the professional cleaning crew you hire on the same day will make sure that your home is spotless and ready to entertain!

It’s the Day of an Occasion

Be it a birthday or anniversary, there are some occasions where you can expect a visitor, or two, to show up at your doorstep. Again, you will want to make time in your busy schedule to attend to other things like restocking the pantry and mini bar but only after you have hired professional cleaners to do all the necessary cleaning and tidying up.

An Impromptu Business Client Meeting Arises

Whether you work remotely or bring your work home from the office, if clients suddenly schedules a brief meeting with you at your residence, you will definitely want to impress them with a spick and span home. Well, the quickest way to make your house immaculate is by leaving it to experienced professional cleaners!

There is Water Damage

For people living in apartments or a new house, water damage can occur due to a broken pipe or faulty plumbing. There is also potential for water damage if you live in a condo with the added worry of leaks from large windows, balconies, or terraces. Under these circumstances, you will need to call for an emergency cleaning service that is equipped to handle flooding and/or other water damage. The sooner you get the space cleaned up, the less damage the water/exposure to moisture will cause. 

What to Expect From a Same Day Cleaning Appointment

Firstly, it is important to be crystal clear about your specific needs at the time of hiring a last minute Toronto cleaning service. Only when both parties are confident that the service will meet all the cleaning requirements in the given time slot, should they proceed to finalize the booking. Many cleaning services also offer commercial cleaning for offices, event halls, auditoriums, etc.

Bear in mind that most cleaning businesses will charge an hourly rate for this type of service which can often work out to be quite affordable if you are on a budget. This is because same day cleaning services are expected to be completed in a quick time frame, however, the price will differ from one company to another. One should also inquire about hidden fees, especially if there is a special request involved such as deep cleaning kitchen appliances.

During this time, the number of cleaners needed for the job will also be determined. Thereafter, the company will begin preparing for the cleaning haul. From there, you can expect the following step-by-step process from beginning to end. 

1. The Cleaning Crew Arrives

Being punctual and fully-equipped with premium quality cleaning supplies and products are two things you can expect from a truly professional house cleaning crew. Upon their arrival, the team will do a quick inspection to better understand what they are dealing with. This is when you can provide any specific instructions you may have regarding preferred cleaning methods or products used. 

2. A Cleaning Strategy is Devised Quickly

When it comes to urgent house cleaning services, professionals typically follow a ‘divide and conquer’ process. This means each cleaner will be assigned different rooms/areas of the house so that the entire space is cleaned simultaneously. A systematic approach is key when it comes to working efficiently within a short span of time, and it’s safe to say that experienced house cleaners have mastered the techniques and methods required to get the job done right.

3. Pretreatment is Applied Where Necessary

Before a surface or area is cleaned, the professional will determine whether it requires pretreatment in order to get it cleaned up efficiently. If needed, an appropriate cleaning solution will be applied and allowed to sit for a few minutes so that it can actively break down grime and stains. This may include the toilet bowl, stovetop, and kitchen backsplash. During this time, the cleaner will move on to other areas of cleaning before coming back to complete the cleaning task at hand.

4. Tidying & Organizing Begins

Before you can clean a space, you need to clear it. This is because you can’t clean a cluttered surface nearly as efficiently as one that is neat and organized. Therefore, your hired cleaning crew will kick things off by making sure that everything is in its rightful place – books on the bookshelf, dirty dishes in the dishwasher, wires/ charges untangled and neatly rolled, etc. Once the clutter is eliminated, the real cleaning will commence.

5. Furniture and Other Surfaces are Dusted

Having the right cleaning supplies doesn’t only ensure a more effective clean, but a time-efficient one, too. Using innovative and high-quality dusting tools like microfiber cloths and dusting sprays, surfaces are left dust-free with one quick swipe. Working from top to bottom, the cleaning team will make sure that even those hard-to-reach spots are not missed.

6. The Kitchen is Made Pristine Again

Everything that needs scrubbing and cleaning is taken care of. From the stove and chimney to the countertops and sink, leave it to skillful professionals to put their cleaning supplies to good use when it comes to abolishing grease and grime from your kitchen! 

7. Flooring and Carpets/Rugs are Cleaned

If you’ve got dust, dirt, pet hair, and stains on your floor, not to worry because it won’t be long before the surface is squeaky clean! After a thorough vacuuming which includes both hard floors and carpets, each room will be mopped and dry appropriately to eliminate streaks or marks caused by foot traffic on a damp floor.

8. All Bathroom Areas and Surfaces Are Scrubbed

With daily use, bathrooms accumulate grime and soap scum rather quickly. This buildup only becomes more stubborn to remove as time passes. Let’s not forget toilet bowl stains, toothpaste splatters around the sink, and dirt clinging to both the wall and floor tiles. With all the right tools and products at their disposal, you can rest assured that your bathrooms will be sparkling again at the end of the service.

9. The Final Touches and Walkthrough

With all the cleaning done, all that’s left are the final touches which include taking out the trash, making sure everything is put back in place, straightening out sofas and couches, and addressing any missed spots immediately. As you walk through your home with one or more members of the cleaning team, you may point out areas (if any) that you are dissatisfied with, and they will take care of it. This ensures a guaranteed satisfactory service after all that’s said and done!


If you’ve never been in a situation that called for an immediate overhaul home cleaning by professionals, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a time when you are! Whether you find yourself scrambling to get the place cleaned up before guests arrive, or have an urgent business meeting set up with clients at your house, hiring a same day cleaning service is the only thing you truly need to save yourself from embarrassment or leaving a bad, lasting impression on your visitors! 

These professionally trained and experienced house cleaners have a flexible schedule, and all the equipment and cleaning solutions required to do an amazing job at transforming a dirty, messy home into one that is spotless. Best of all, they can do it in a surprisingly very short amount of time!

So, be sure to have your favorite same day Toronto cleaning service on speed dial because you never know just when you might need them!