deep clean

deep cleanA recent survey conducted south of the border confirmed something we’d probably all suspected. 93% of people said that they would form a negative impression of a business if it had dirty carpets. And 56% would look for an alternative company to work with.

Cleanliness in business really matters to customers. If you don’t make the right first impression and show you care about the details, they won’t feel confident that you’re up to the job. What are some signs that your office needs a deep clean to win back customer confidence?

Join us as we explore 7 telltale signs that you need to call in a professional cleaning company.

1. Embarrassing Reviews

Take a look at online reviews of your company. Online people tend to say what they really think. It’s embarrassing enough when someone takes to the review site to complain about customer service.

The fact is that you can apologize and do something about that. But if they complain about a lack of cleanliness in your offices, that’s just downright shameful. It’s very hard to correct that kind of impression.

Remember that for every online review written, there are many more oral reviews that go around. If people can’t get over how unclean a business was, they’ll waste no time telling their friends, family, and coworkers all about it.

The bottom line is that’s publicity you can’t afford. Hiring cleaners is an expense, but in reality, it’s an investment in a great reputation.

2. Low Employee Morale

Are your employees not exactly in a rush to get back to the office? As of May 2022, 1 in 5 Canadian workers are still working from home. That’s down from 24% back in January but the fact that they’re returning doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to.

It could be that the environment in the office is just nowhere near as nice as home. If the office is less than spotless, your employees may also feel uncomfortable given the pandemic we’re still living through.

If you notice that the state of the office is getting your employees down, a deep clean can make a huge difference. It’ll make the air fresher, and the whole office will look brighter. It’s a good idea to employ a commercial cleaning company to come in over a weekend and give the place a thorough clean.

3. Weird Smells

Offices are full of people, and people bring their own aromas. Not just the smell of perfume, aftershave, and people. But they also bring the smell of the food they consume in the office.

Do you provide a dedicated dining area where your employees have to eat? If not, most will eat at their desks. This leads to crumbs and discarded food ending up where it shouldn’t be.

Over time, the office could develop a distinctive aroma. That’ll be offputting for your clients who don’t work in there day in, day out. Sadly, office workers tend to become immune to this kind of thing when they smell it all the time.

The first thing to do is give your office a deep clean. Commercial cleaners will vacuum every nook and cranny and will find anything that has rolled away out of sight. They’ll also clean your office kitchen and dining area.

If you request the service, they can even tackle fridges that probably haven’t had the attention they deserve for a while.

After that, we recommend instituting a strict policy about where employees can eat. That will help to keep the place smelling fresh rather than funky.

4. Increased Employee Sickness

If you’ve noticed an uptick in employee sickness recently, take a look at your office environment.

Could it be the office that’s making them sick? Take a look at your HVAC system. If the filters are not being changed regularly, it could be struggling to do its job.

Worse than that, it could be carrying toxins around the office. Air return vents also need to be vacuumed once a week to keep them clog-free.

We’ve never been more aware than now of the importance of excellent hygiene. Your office should be cleaned and ideally sanitized every day to stop diseases from spreading. Deep cleaning is a start, but there needs to be ongoing cleaning to keep pathogens at bay.

5. Your Employees Do the Cleaning

It might seem like a great leveler and a cool way to work together, but if your employees are also your cleaners, you’re unlikely to get great results.

For a start, you hired them because they’re well-qualified to do their main job. Cleaning might seem easy, but it needs to be done right in a commercial setting if you’re going to get a consistently clean office. And do you really want your staff getting out ladders and doing a high-level clean while you’ve got clients coming in and out?

Not hiring cleaners is a false economy. It distracts from your core business and doesn’t result in a truly clean office. Let a professional cleaning company come in at a time that works for you, and all you’ll have to do is enjoy your clean office.

6. The Office Looks Dull

As dust and dirt build-up, the office will start to look dull and faded. It won’t be inviting, bright, and fresh. You need to start with a deep clean to get rid of built-up layers of neglect.

You’ll be amazed at how much better the place looks after a deep cleaning.

7. Uninvited Guests

Sorry, we had to go here, but pests can become an issue if you don’t have a clean office. They’re attracted to food crumbs, and they can find their way in through the tiniest gaps. In Toronto, that can mean sharing your office with silverfish, pillbugs, and spiders, not to mention rodents.

A deep clean can get rid of anything that’s attracting pests. Pest control may be needed if the problem is serious.

The Amazing Benefits of an Office Deep Clean

If you book a commercial cleaning company for an office deep clean, you and your employees will love the results. It’ll look better, smell fresh, and make you feel like you want to work! Clients will feel at ease and will spread the word.

At No More Chores, we offer comprehensive office cleaning services for Toronto area businesses. Call us at 647-490-2523 or reach out online to see how we can be of assistance to you.