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Did you know that an average employee loses almost 15.36 working days a year to sickness? These sick days can be reduced by having a clean and hygienic work environment.

Working in a messy or dirty environment can be demoralizing. To come in every day and not feel completely focused and motivated can lead to long-term employee dissatisfaction. You can also end up losing good employees.

A clean environment means your employees will be happier and more productive. But there are so many other benefits to professional cleaning. If you’re debating about getting commercial office cleaning, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading for 11 ways cleaning offices can boost employee morale.

1. Promote Employee Health

Let’s first tackle the obvious. A dirty workplace is a breeding ground for bugs and germs. Did you know that 10 million bacteria live on the average desk? That makes it 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat.

If you’re still not convinced, then remember 80% of communicable diseases are spread by touch. Elevator buttons contain 22% more bacteria than toilet seats. To help promote employee health, you need a cleaning crew that tackles those everyday touchpoints.

Whether it’s the kitchen, washroom, or elevator buttons, all of these areas are constantly touched. Germs are then carried from one place to another. A top-quality commercial cleaning company will also provide you with access to better tools and help you achieve high standards of cleaning.

2. Reduce Absenteeism Rate

Being sick is bad for the company, but it can also be negative for the employee. Employees need to feel like they are part of the team and that they are contributing to the company. A high absenteeism rate due to sickness can reduce employee morale.

Commercial office cleaning can help improve employee morale by reducing the absenteeism rate because of sick days.

3. Focus on Core Functions

Professional cleaning allows your employees to focus on their core functions. They don’t have the time to clean or keep track of the maintenance of the office. Even when workers are tasked with cleaning, time is taken away from more important tasks.

A professional cleaning company will help tailor the services to your needs so your employees can focus on improving their productivity.

4. Clean Space for Increased Concentration

A clean space increases concentration. Rather than getting distracted by the mess around them, all of their energies will be dedicated to their work.

Some studies show that a messy table can lead to increased creativity. But when you’re working in an open-concept office, then that messiness can lead to distractions. More companies are moving towards an office with no assigned desks. A clean office is even more important in this case.

5. Reduces Hazardous Risk and Clutter

A spilled glass of water or food may not seem like a big deal. The reality is that your employees can end up getting hurt because of that mess or clutter. They can slip on it. Not only does this reduce employee morale, but it can lead to lawsuits and more dissatisfaction in the future.

6. Easy Access to Tools and Materials

Your employees should not have to struggle to access their work material or office equipment. Not having easy access to important tools that can improve their work will lead to demoralization over time.

Commercial cleaners can help manage the clutter to ensure that your employees have easy access to tools and materials. Your employees won’t feel like their work is overburdened because they can’t find the right tools. This will lead to increased employee morale.

7. Reduce Wear & Tear on Tools and Equipment

Your commercial office space has a lot of tools and equipment. Without professional cleaning, the equipment can grow mold or rust. It can lead to further wear and tear.

Your employee’s morale is dependent on having the right tools and equipment so that they can do their job to the best of their capabilities. If your equipment is constantly breaking down because it wasn’t maintained correctly, you will be facing unmotivated and uninterested employees.

8. Easier Collaboration

Collaboration is key to employee morale. They should be working together as a team. But, a messy environment can lead to more fights, irritation, and frustration.

Teamwork depends on all members giving equally and being comfortable in the environment they’re working in. A clean environment allows for easier collaboration and increases employee morale.

9. Better Impression on Clients

Your employees should feel pride in their work. A clean environment that leaves a better impression for their clients is something to be proud of.

When a client walks into a clean office, they are impressed by the quality. This impression filters through to the employees and their work. Happy clients will increase employee morale as they’ll feel more connected to the workplace.

10. Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Working with unpleasant odors can be a nightmare and can lead to reduced employee morale. More importantly, some people are sensitive to smells and this can disrupt their work. Workplace cleaning and maintenance will ensure that those bad odors are dealt with before they become worse.

11. Improves Efficiency

At the end of the day, a clean environment improves employee morale because it increases efficiency and productivity. One of the ways to increase productivity is to remove workplace obstacles and create an optimal physical environment.

People will get more work done when they have access to equipment, and they’re not worried about getting sick. They will be happier if they can collaborate easily and without unnecessary obstacles.

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Commercial office cleaning is more than about working in a clean environment. You can improve your employee’s morale and increase their pride in their work. At the end of the day, you’ll improve efficiency and productivity, which means increased profits for your company.

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