Deciding in favor of hiring a house cleaning service is the easy part; the real challenge, on the other hand, is figuring out HOW to hire a cleaning service! For most people, it is difficult and overwhelming to choose the right cleaning company for the job, especially with the added stress of finding one that is trustworthy and reliable. With so many factors to consider, it comes as no surprise to learn that homeowners often look for guidance on how to hire a cleaning service, as opposed to simply picking one at random.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place if you are in search of useful tips to hire the best house cleaning service for you. Take a look at these important questions to ask (and have answered) before you book an appointment with a cleaning company.

#1 What Type of Services Do They Offer?

We all know that every household is unique, as are the cleaning requirements of the homeowner. With that in mind, it is important to inquire about the types of services offered by the cleaning company to ensure that your needs will be met. If you are dealing with an established or dependable maid service, it is likely that they will offer a wide range of cleaning packages which include customized services. With the latter, homeowners are able to tailor a service to better suit their specific cleaning requirements. On the other hand, if you are looking to have your home cleaned regularly by a professional, or simply a one-time deep clean of your property, most companies provide these types of services (among others) which follow a general checklist of cleaning tasks.

#2 Are They Established or Rated Online?

Nowadays, it is unheard of to purchase a product or hire a service without checking the reviews first. The overall rating of any service can influence one’s decision when it comes to hiring the company, and rightfully so. If the cleaning company in question has a poor online rating, or many negative reviews, it is best to steer clear of them. That said, there are some cleaning services that are new and unrated, yet offer exceptional service. In this case, if the cleaning service has not been established yet, it is recommended that you follow the tips in this article to determine whether or not you should consider hiring them.

#3 Is the Cleaning Staff Trained and Experienced?

Ultimately, it is the cleaning result that matters most. If you want to get your money’s worth, it pays to have a professionally trained and experienced house cleaner on the job. The expertise of skilled cleaning professionals almost guarantees a thorough, satisfactory clean as opposed to hiring inexperienced house cleaners. Not only do they possess firsthand knowledge of tackling challenging cleaning tasks of varying degrees, they also have a better understanding of performing these tasks safely and efficiently. Ultimately, the fact remains the same; trained and experienced house cleaners offer professional cleaning results that the average house cleaner seldom achieves. 

#4 Can You Trust the Cleaning Staff?

One of the things that worries people most is having dishonest or sketchy individuals coming to their home, and walking into every room of the house. While everyone wants to be comfortable and at ease when they hire a maid service, that’s not always the case. The thought of putting your family and home at risk can be a scary one, however, if you choose the right cleaning service, you can rest assured that your family and home is in safe hands. 

So, how do you find a trustworthy cleaning service? Well, the key factors to look for in this regard is whether or not the house cleaners have been vetted or background-checked, proof of employment history or work references, and third-party insurance offered by the company. There are several reputable cleaning services that only work with screened, skilled, and highly recommended cleaning professionals; however, it is your responsibility to research or reach out to the company to confirm this information.

#5 Do They Carry Their Own Cleaning Supplies/Equipment?

This is another important question to ask because not all cleaning services are equipped with professional cleaning tools and products to get the job done. In order to cut costs, they ask that the client provide the supplies instead, and simply send a house cleaner to the property to use whatever is at their disposal. It should be noted that the cleaning results are significantly impacted by the types of cleaning tools, products, and techniques used; therefore, it is important to have the right (professional) equipment to perform various house cleaning tasks. If a cleaning service promises to use high-quality cleaning equipment and products, you are more likely to be satisfied with the cleaning result. Bear in mind that many companies also offer green cleaning solutions which is a major advantage for both the environment and health of the household members.


Considering the fact that there are plenty of house cleaning services in Toronto, finding one isn’t difficult; the real task is separating the good, trustworthy maid services from those that are average, at best. It will take a bit of time and effort on your part, but it is crucial that you research and compare cleaning services in and around your area before hiring one. By asking the important questions above, you can make an informed decision based on the answers you get. The information shared in this article is critically important if you seek guidance for hiring a house cleaning service that will meet your requirements and expectations.