Weekly House Cleaning

Did you know that having a clean home can help to reduce stress, promote better sanitation, and ward off pests? Among many things, it makes your living space more relaxing to exist in. People will feel comfortable visiting your spotless home, and you will be able to sleep well at night knowing that you live in a well-cared-for space.

Sticking to a weekly house cleaning schedule can help you to plan for tasks that you want to get done, and execute those tasks with the help of your family members. Read on to learn more cleaning tips that can help achieve that sparkling clean home.

House Cleaning Tips For The Bedroom

The bedroom is your private oasis, and should be a clean refuge to relax from your day. Follow this tips to keep that space relaxing and spotless.


Start each day right by making your bed! Studies show that it is beneficial to make it first thing in the morning because it produces a sense of accomplishment. You deserve to feel great as you take on your day.

Be sure to also do a sweep of your room each morning to remove any clutter, such as drink glasses or snack remnants. A clean bedroom is the first step to a calm and healthy mind.


Your bed may be where you spend the most amount of time each week. Every night as you sleep blissfully, the sheets collect dead skin, sweat, and everything in between. Changing your sheets every week is a great way to go into bed at the beginning of each week with a clean, refreshed feel.

While changing your sheets and pillowcases is a must, thicker blankets and duvet covers can go a bit longer, stretching to around once a month. Incorporate this weekly sheet wash into your regular laundry routine.

Other cleaning tips for you or your house cleaner or to vacuum or sweep on a weekly basis and to wipe down all hard surfaces. This keeps every area of your sacred bedroom feeling clean and safe.

Tidy Up The Kitchen Each Day

Many say that the kitchen is the center of their home- families gather, eat together, and chat about their days. Because of the cooking and heavy traffic through this area, it is great to add a refresh each day to your cleaning checklist.


Each day, wipe down your outer surfaces, clean out the sink, and sweep the floors in your kitchen. Of course, take out the trash when it is ready to go to prevent a ripe scent from developing.


If you are the house cleaner, we recommend giving that space a deeper clean once a week. This can include wiping any excess grease from the oven, running an empty cycle through the dishwasher to prevent a precarious smell, and removing excess items from the refrigerator. This will create new space for the next week’s groceries, and keep that area fresh.

Deep Cleaning

Are you someone who wishes to begin a ritual of ‘deep cleaning’ every week, to produce that fresher than ever clean? Read this guide on ‘How to Dive Into Deep Cleaning’ to learn more about the process, what you need to know, and how to get started!

The key is that whether you are working with your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom, you must start by decluttering first. Remove anything that may be in the way so that you can start the cleaning process properly.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Behind the bedroom and kitchen, the bathroom is another frequently used area that can quickly get out of hand! It requires daily upkeep to maintain a fresh smell and appearance.

Do you wish to have a cleaner bathroom that guests will feel comfortable in, but are not sure how to get started? Though it can be overwhelming, the professional cleaners from No More Chores are here to help guide you along the journey. Read their ‘Rulebook to Maintenance Cleaning‘ to get yourself into a great routine!


Each day, we recommend a simple wipe down of counter surfaces and inside the sinks. This is an area known for collecting germs. Take out any trash that has accumulated to prevent a foul smell from developing.


Once a week on that big cleaning day, change out those used towels and bathmats for fresh versions! Wipe down the mirrors so that they are crystal clear, and then get to scrubbing. Apply a chemical solution to the inside of the toilet bowl, as well as wipe around the lid, on top and bottom.


The shower is another habitat for bacteria to develop, so every couple of weeks, give it some TLC. White vinegar is a great tool for scrubbing, is it helps to prevent mildew growth- scrub it around the faucet, tub basin, edges, and shower curtain. Add checking the drain on your cleaning checklist to ensure it doesn’t become clogged with hair!

Good Luck With Your Weekly House Cleaning

By reading this article, you have taken the first step to making a better living space for you and your families. Making a cleaning checklist can get all of your family members involved in weekly house cleaning. If you have a professional cleaner, this guide can be a great starting point to share your goals in your home.

Looking to have a cleaner living area, but not sure where to get started? The team of professional cleaners at No More Chores would love to help! Book now for a cleaning service of your dreams- you will not regret the results.