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If you are venturing into vacation renting, there are several things to consider. You are now part of the hospitality industry. This means that your revenue will depend on the reviews from your customers.

Cleanliness can be the deciding factor for a great online review. Think about the impression a complete clean household would leave on you. Now imagine the reviews you will get from your visitors if you keep your property spotless. No matter if you hire Airbnb cleaning services or do it yourself, your guests will likely mention how clean your rental is.

Create the best first impression

One of the first things your guests will notice when they arrive is the cleanliness of your vacation rental. Dust and specks are visible when you come near, and they create a lousy first impression. If they come into a clean house, it will have a positive effect on them. They will feel comfortable right from the start and have a better overall impression of their stay.

Boost the reviews

If your guests like their stay, they are more likely to give you a 5-star rating. Cleanliness is a great way to boost the reviews, giving you excellent visibility. Think about it this way – the review is mostly based on things they can see. Amenities are a big plus, but if the rooms aren’t well-kept and clean, the review can still be low.

A clean room is worth more money

When guests choose how much to pay for a room, a tidy one will certainly loosen them up. They expect you to keep the rental clean so they can have a more pleasant stay. If you hire Airbnb cleaning services to keep your rental spotless, you can include the fee in the rental price. Guests who appreciate the cleanliness won’t mind the slightly higher price.

Better pictures

When posting photos of your rental online, they need to be attractive to bring in as many guests as possible. A clean space will look better on all your photographs and be more enticing. The whole effect is amplified if the space is clean from top to bottom and photographed with a high-resolution camera.

Invest in the future

Having a well-kept rental is a way to create a trademark of yourself, attracting more customers. Also, if you decide to stop renting and use the property for yourself or sell it, cleanliness is only a bonus. You will certainly want to live in A clean house, and a spotless apartment is easier to sell and bring more money.

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