Ultimate Cleaning Checklist
Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

Did you know that kitchen is the most renovated room in the house? Google search trends show a 23 percent increase for kitchen modeling searches.

So, you’ve completed that remodeling project. You have your dream kitchen or bathroom. Maybe you renovated your entire home. Before you can throw that party or enjoy the beauty of your home, you need to tackle the mess.

The amount of mess a renovation project leaves behind can be daunting. Before you despair, we’ve got the ultimate cleaning checklist for post-renovation projects. Keep on reading for everything you need to do for deep cleaning of your newly renovated home.

Pre-Renovation Tip

Before we get into the ultimate cleaning checklist, there is a step you can take before the renovations begin. You can discuss the expectations with your contractor. By setting out your expectations and their responsibilities, you can protect your home and reduce the mess you have to deal with post-renovation.

Preparation Is Key

No matter how good the contractor is, you will still have to deal with a messy house. You can prepare by making sure you have all the cleaning equipment ready. You don’t want to stop mid-way and realize that you need to run to the store.

Clean Your Walls

Start your house cleaning with your walls. There are layers of dust and dirt that can settle on your walls. If you’ve just painted those walls, then just take a dry mop and wipe off any dust or dirt.

Clean Your Windows

You’ll see a layer of dust on your windows. Tackling those next will give you a sense of openness and cleanliness. It can help you get through the rest of your list.


If you have carpets, you want to vacuum them thoroughly. You may need to go over them a few times to clean them fully. You may also need to get a stain remover to deal with any difficult stains or damage.


Dust can be your biggest problem after a renovation. Construction dust includes silica dist. Regular breathing of this type of dust can damage your lungs and lead to serious illnesses.

You need to spend time tackling the dust in your home. But, this can be a bit of a hassle because that dust gets everywhere. Even if you sweep, you’ll find dust tracked all over the house and even into your air vents.

You will need to dust over and over again to make sure your home is dust-free.

Dust Grates And Vents

Since you’re already dusting, you may want to dust your grates and vents. This is one area that is usually forgotten off the cleaning checklist. Dust can hide in your vents affect your and your family’s health.

Clean Inside Closets And Cabinets

The average person deep-cleans their home five times a month. But the chances of you cleaning the inside of your closet and cabinets on each one of those deep cleans is low. After a renovation, you really don’t have much of a choice.

Deep cleaning of your home involves cleaning the inside of those closets and cabinets where dust could have settled.

Clean Appliances

If you’ve done a kitchen remodel, then you need to make sure your appliances are clean before you start using them. This includes a stove, oven, coffee makers, and toasters. Remember any equipment around food needs to be cleaned with more care and effort.


You’re almost done. Mop the floors to do a final cleaning and get rid of the dust. You may need to do this more than once.

Power Wash Deck, Driveway, And Porch

Your contractors will be coming in and out of the apartment, and they can track dust all over your deck and porch. A power wash of these areas will ensure that everything is cleaned up to your high standards. House cleaners can have power wash and other equipment to help you tackle this portion.

Gather The Trash

Renovation clean-up generally involves dealing with a lot of trash left behind. Throwing out the trash is a hassle in and of itself. But if it’s a hazardous material, then it’s even more troublesome to get rid of.

You may need gloves, a filtered mask or ventilator, safety footwear, and other safety equipment. You will also need to know where and how to dispose of the material. Post-renovation cleaning services can take care of the dangerous post-construction trash.

Touch-Up Cleaning

An ultimate cleaning checklist will not be complete without touch-up cleaning. Even as the days progress, you’ll be finding dirt and debris in places. Remember that the task of cleaning post-renovation will continue for days afterward so you can have a clean environment.

Hire Experts

At the end of the day, consider getting professional house cleaning to get that extra deep clean. A professional cleaner will know exactly what your house needs. They will have the right equipment to help you tackle your worst renovation clean-up.

You can have well-trained professionals handle your cleaning. The right house cleaners will bring their own supplies and cleaning equipment, so you can save money on rentals. Some companies also offer guarantees so you can rest assured.

No More Chores offers a 100 percent guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our work, we come back and re-clean for free.

Book Experts To Tackle The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist Post-Renovation

As you can see, this ultimate cleaning checklist is long. We’ve made it easier for you by setting out exactly what you need to do. There’s a lot to do from the interiors to the exteriors. You also need to take care of the trash including hazardous materials.

Rather than spending your weekend and weekdays cleaning your home, you can simply hire experts to do the work for you. Book your appointment with us today.

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