Professional House Cleaning Checklist

When it comes to housecleaning, good organization is a priority. It’s not just desirable for a full effect, it’s necessary if you want to have a productive Toronto house cleaning session. Knowing what work needs to be done and how to clean a house efficiently is a trait of the professionals, but everyone can look up to them in this area.

The experts all have a professional house cleaning checklist, so why not make one of your own accordingly? You can try listing all the rooms one by one, but perhaps a more effective way is to separate the chores by the cleaning method used.

Start with the clutter

Proper cleaning requires seeing the right picture and you will not be able to do this until you clean up the gathered clutter. It can accumulate all around the house and present itself in many forms: clothes, toys, magazines, dirty dishes and various kinds of equipment. Only after getting rid of clutter will you be aware of all surfaces and areas which need cleaning. The task will seem easier and achievable after this.

Don’t forget dusting

Dust falls on our home fixtures and appliances all the time and it needs to be cleaned so you can get that spotless look. Equip yourself with a proper cleaning rag and spraying agent before starting. You will also need an extension rod for the high corners of furniture and ceiling angles. Make sure you have dusted all the surfaces in your house, including tables, shelves, appliances, desks and other furniture.

Vacuum and mop afterwards

After you’ve finished dusting, it’s time to mop and vacuum all the remaining dust and dirt from the floors. You will need a mop for the hard surfaced floors, and the vacuum will come in handy when it comes to carpets. First use a wet mop to sweep the floors and then a dry one to gather any remaining water.

Glass also needs cleaning

Although sometimes neglected, glass surfaces in your house also need cleaning in order to look great. This mostly includes any mirrors and windows, but also glass tables. The windows need to be cleaned both inside and outside. While cleaning these surfaces, start from top and move to bottom, while using circular motion. Be thorough and check the surfaces afterwards to be certain there are no leftover signs of wiping.

Finish by scrubbing

For this part, you will need cleaning gloves to protect your hands from the cleaning agents. The areas you need to cover are the bathroom with bathtubs or showers and toilets, as well as the kitchen sink. Since these are some of the dirtiest spots in the house, first spray the agents onto the surfaces and wait a few minutes, and then start scrubbing and wiping away. When you’re done, rinse with water and you will see sparkling cleanliness.

What should a professional house cleaning checklist have? We know the answer

If you are in the Toronto area, and are looking for some help in cleaning your house, call No More Chores. We have a proven professional house cleaning checklist, which helps us cover all the areas of your house which need cleaning.

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