Post-renovation cleaning

Post-renovation cleaningRenovating your home can be a rewarding process that can add a lot of value to your house. However, it can leave a huge mess that is difficult to clean on your own.

Do you want to learn more about post-renovation cleaning and how you can keep your home looking pristine in the midst of the chaos? Keep reading these steps to post-renovation cleaning and learn more about post-renovation cleaning costs.


One of the first things you want to do for post-remodel cleaning is dust every surface in your house.

When you renovate your home, it is easy for fine dust to settle, whether this is from sheetrock, cut tile, and more. If you do not properly clean this dust from each surface of your home, you will be finding it all over your house for months to come.

When you are dusting the surfaces of your home, you must start from the top of each room and work towards the bottom. To clean your walls and ceiling, you can easily do this with a mop or broom wiper. Simply put a damp microfiber cloth on and wipe the ceiling and each wall.

Then, you can continue onto the flat surfaces, like tables and countertops, and work your way towards the floor. Because dust can continually settle, you should dust multiple times to ensure you remove all of the fine dust.

Air Vents

Next, you must clean any air vents or filters in your home after renovations are done. Just as dust can settle on each of the surfaces in your home, it can also get trapped in your vents and filters.

If this dust is left in your air vents, you may find that you are continually exposed to dust, poor air quality, and more. To clean your air vents, remove each vent and wipe down the filters inside with a microfiber cloth.

When your filters are too dirty, you can replace them to improve the air quality in your home. It is also important to check the vents in your kitchen hood as well, as these can easily have built-up grime.


After you clean your air vents and ducts, you need to disinfect each part of your home. This is especially important when you have a construction crew working in your home, as you do not know what things they have tracked inside with them.

After the dust is removed, you can spray each surface of your home with a disinfectant to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned and safe for use.

Clean Flooring

One of the larger cleaning projects that you will need to do as part of your post-renovation cleaning is to clean your flooring. Your floor is a common place that debris can accumulate, and you may find that your floor is dirty and more worn after months of renovations.

To begin cleaning your floors, you should vacuum all carpeted surfaces. Running the vacuum a few times over the same areas can remove debris and pick up things that your eyes may miss.

Next, you need to sweep the hard-surfaced flooring in your home, whether this is linoleum, hardwood, or tile. This will help you gather up any dirt, dust, and other small pieces of debris that were left by your construction crew.

Finally, you need to deep clean these surfaces. For hard flooring, you can mop your floors to remove tracked in dirt, leftover dust, and more. For carpeted flooring, you may want to consider renting a carpet cleaner or hiring cleaning services to make sure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

Soft Furnishings

If you have soft furnishings in your home, you will find that these attract a lot of dust during renovation. To prevent this dust from spreading to other areas of your home, you should vacuum each of your soft furnishings. This includes your rugs, your couches, mattresses, and more.

For removable covers, like curtains, pillowcases, bedding, and more, you can shake these outside and throw them into your washing machine.


Lastly, you want to clean each of your windows. While you may not notice that they are dirty, if there is a small layer of dust on your glass, cleaning your windows will make a huge difference.

it is also important to wipe down and vacuum each of the areas of your windows. For example, your window sills and frames may have a lot of built-up residue that you can remove easily with a cloth.

Find Professional Cleaners to Help

If these steps seem too involved, there are other ways that you can keep your house clean after you renovate. Finding a professional cleaning company to do your post-construction cleaning will ensure that your home is cleaned properly and effectively.

Professional cleaners know the processes to follow when cleaning after construction and can help save you time with your cleaning.

Looking for a Post-Renovation Cleaning Service? No More Chores Can Help

Post-renovation house cleaning can be a difficult process that may take weeks to complete.

However, by following these post-renovation cleaning tips, you will find that the process is much smoother. If you want help with a post-renovation cleaning service, hiring a professional cleaning company can simplify the process!

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