Post-renovation Cleaning

Post-renovation Cleaning

Did your home renovation project go on as planned? If yes, that’s fantastic.

After the reno you might be thinking now it’s time to relax and enjoy the newly designed home. Well, hold on a second!

The end of the house renovation process marks the beginning of post renovation cleaning. Carrying out post-construction cleaning is essential in making your building safe, clean, and ready for occupation. Let’s be honest: post-construction cleaning can be challenging at times.

But don’t worry! It is not as hard as you think. Do you know what to do to make the post-renovation cleaning easy and safe?

Continue reading this article to learn five top post renovation house cleaning tips.

Open Up Doors and Windows During Post-Renovation Cleaning

Having the house ventilated before kick-starting post renovation cleaning is essential to creating a breeze. Was there any paint left wet after the construction? Air flow helps in drying the wet paint and moving the dust along.

Furthermore, proper ventilation will prevent you from developing health complications during the house cleaning process.

Did you know that the concentration of pollutants in your house is 2 to 5 times higher than outside? This shocking statistic shows how risky it would be to carry out a post renovation cleaning without ventilating your home.

Are you in a hurry to complete the post-construction cleaning and can’t wait for the house to be ventilated? If so, you can use artificial means of inducing aeration indoors. Using a fan not only aerates the house fast but also gets the dust moving.

Dispose of Trash

Does the amount of trash left behind after a renovation scare you? Don’t worry, that’s common.

After construction projects and remodels, there will always be paint trays, plastic bags, and construction debris lying around. So, where do you start?

You might be thinking trash is just trash. Well, that’s not right. Some trash left after the renovation process might be hazardous. This debris calls for separation and proper disposal from typical household waste.

But when handling trash, ensure you are safe. Wearing the right protective gear, especially when handling hazardous waste, is essential. Put on gloves, a filtered mask or ventilator, and footwear, and you will be safe to handle the potentially dangerous post-construction trash.

Does disposing of hazardous waste still sound challenging to you? If so, it’s best to hire post-renovation cleaning services. Their highly trained experts can handle most post-renovation tasks, like dealing with construction dust.

Furthermore, hiring professional post-renovation services will save you time and guarantee you quality cleaning results.

Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery

During the renovation process, it’s easy for dust to embed itself in curtains, carpets, and cushions. If left without proper cleaning, dust can eventually combine with moisture, which can leave your carpet and curtains stained. So, you’ll want to vacuum your carpet, curtains, and cushion fast.

But how do you properly vacuum the carpet and upholstery? The biggest mistake you can make is to vacuum these items inside the house.

The dust particles from the carpet and curtains will end up settling on other items, rather than being removed entirely. Take everything you want to vacuum outside and save yourself from double work.

Also, vacuuming your dusty carpets and curtains indoors may put your health at risk. With the minimal flow of air inside the house, your chances of inhaling dust particles during the vacuuming process are high. This may put you at risk of developing lung diseases such as pneumoconiosis.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

Are you done vacuuming the carpet? Now it’s the right time to focus on the hard surfaces.

When cleaning hard surfaces, it’s best to clean top to bottom – starting with overhead surfaces and working your way down. This ensures no dust particles are left behind.

Start by wiping the dust off your walls. Even if they look clean even after the renovation process, this is one of the first places where dust settles.

Dry dusting is the best way to clean your wall without damaging the paint. Then, you’ll want to shift your attention to molding and cabinets. When cleaning these accents, be sure to pay attention to nooks, crannies, and hard-to-reach corners.

Countertops are another resting spot for dust. You’ll want to wipe these down twice- first with a dry rag and then with a wet one. For your floor, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

But if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner and other equipment’s needed in house cleaning, hire post renovation cleaning services.

Clean the Windows

This is the least labor intensive task in the cleaning process, yet it poses a major challenge. And, if not done properly, dust particles will likely be left behind.

First, ensure you have the right window cleaning equipment. A window cleaning solution and a paper towel are the two main things you will need when cleaning windows. And before applying any wet cleaning products, you’ll need to remove any visible dust particles using a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

Apply the Above Five Best Post Renovation Cleaning Tips

We hope by now you have all of the information you require to clean your house correctly after reading this article on post-renovation cleaning tips.
You can, however, consider hiring a cleaning service to help you with this process.

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