places you forget to clean in your home

You enter a room, look at the floor and the furniture, and attend to whatever looks like it could use a good scrubbing or vacuuming. If this is how you normally do your cleaning, chances are you’re missing a number of unexpected spots where dirt and dust tends to accumulate. Read on to learn what the places you forget to clean in your home are and how to deal with them. Of course, the best way to ensure 100% cleanliness is to book the top house cleaning services Toronto has to offer. But that’s not to say that you can’t try to go it alone!

Underneath Appliances

Of all the places you forget to clean in your home, the areas beneath and behind your appliances are probably the least obvious ones. Many people ask how to clean bathroom or kitchen tiles, but the truth is that the majority of germs in the kitchen can come from grime build-up under the oven, the fridge, and the dishwasher. Moving these appliances out of the way and cleaning the floor and the wall can go a long way toward keeping your home healthy and fresh.

Furniture undersides

Everybody knows about the dust bunnies under the bed or sofa. But what about the actual bottom of the furniture itself? Turns out, all sorts of nastiness can cling to the underside of chair seats, table braces, and bed frames.

Besides, if you’re wondering how to get kids to help out with cleaning, teamwork cleaning furniture undersides can do the trick. Younger children can wipe or vacuum the undersides while you lift the furniture, while older ones can hold the furniture up themselves while you go about making the undersides pristine.

Air vents & filters

Speaking of places you forget to clean in your home, does your home have central air or heating? If so, there should be air or heating ducts in every living space in your home. These ducts are equipped with air filters that tend to get clogged up with dust over time, which lowers the airflow and may even completely block it. Taking the time to clean the grates on the vents while you’re changing or cleaning the filter will make you and your family breathe easier and lower the amount of dust that gets inside your home.


Sometimes it’s not the places you forget to clean in your home, it’s the actual living things that most need your cleaning attention. Plants, whether real or plastic, tend to accumulate an astonishing amount of dust. Wipe each leaf with a disposable duster or microfiber cloth, or even give the plant a quick shower if it isn’t too big to carry.

We’ll deal with the places you forget to clean in your house

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