At times, people enjoy the experience of cleaning their homes. You put on some music, turn it up, take a brush or a broom, and start swiping to the rhythm. However, after a time, after having to repeat the same process week after week, some of the charm gets lost with each moment of cleaning. Before you know it, it becomes tiresome, dull, and time consuming.

When that time comes, No More Chores is ready and waiting to offer the best Toronto maid service. You can now listen to music while relaxing, or watch a film while lounging in your couch, while we do the work for you. No More Chores remains the go-to company for a variety of reasons.

Quality Maid Services Offered by Friendly Maids

We know that letting strangers into your home is not easy, which is why No More Chores strives towards making the Toronto maid service experience as comfortable for homeowners as possible.

It is for this reason that we go great lengths in performing extremely stringent and detailed qualification and background checks of all our staff. We have created a company consisting only of seasoned and trustworthy professionals, and you can rest soundly knowing your home is in capable and confident hands.

Regular customer discount – No More Chores repays the confidence you put in us with kindness we give to our clients. To show just how grateful we are, we often offer very special deals to those clients who continue to request our services. Depending on the frequency of our visits to your home, and the type of Toronto maid service you require, as our regular client, you can obtain a discount of as much as 30%. What’s more, we send text messages to our regulars, just to remind them of any special deals on offer at the time. No More Chores will not forget about you.

Simple payment – In order to stay on the very top of the Toronto maid service game, No More Chores has carefully thought about every aspect of our deep cleaning business, payment being one such aspect. Not only do we not charge our clients before the completion of the work, but we also offer a variety of payment methods per your choosing. The easiest method, of course, is paying online, without a trace of a hassle. And, once the payment is received, we will send a receipt via email.

Non-stop booking – Whenever the thought strikes you, you can book the best Toronto maid service. No More Chores offers the easiest way to book house cleaning services Toronto. You can book online by filling out a simple and straightforward form, or you can download our app and book via smartphone. Simply choose the time and date of the appointment, and await our quick response in order to confirm. Real easy.

Enjoy Your Clean Home!

Chores be gone! with No More Chores, the leading Toronto maid service. But seriously, you never have to lose any more of your free time tending to household chores if you become one of our regular clients.

Everything is up to you. You can choose the time and date of the house cleaning appointment. You can choose how often you would like us to tidy up your home. You can choose exactly what post construction cleaning services you would like us to perform. You can even choose how you would like to complete your payment.

And all that done by the most experienced and effective cleaning professionals in the business. The clients we have are always satisfied, and we always strive to improve our business. That is why we are still the best. Book our services today!