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Hiring a house cleaning service is no longer reserved only for the richest people living in mansions. It’s a common practice among all those who don’t have enough time to take care of the cleaning chores themselves and require help. Downtown house cleaning services Toronto are very well aware of this and that is why there are custom-tailored solutions for almost everyone.

The one thing people are still unsure of is how companies determine house cleaning prices The house cleaning rates depend on whether the house cleaning is a one-time cleaning hire, or a long-term project arranged by both sides. There are also several other factors which influence how the rates are determined, and here are some of them.

Size of the property

Cleaning services usually determine their rates based on the size of a property. It’s obvious that the larger the property, the more it will take to clean it. This can influence the house cleaning rates if a service is coming to your house for the first time and wants to charge you by the hour. Another, more common way the companies charge their services is directly by the number of square feet which need to be cleaned. Regardless of the agreement, the bigger your house is, the more you will have to pay to have it cleaned.

Number of rooms

This point is directly related to the previous one, but it also influences the house cleaning prices. The configuration of the property and the number of rooms affect the way it needs to be cleaned, so the cleaning company will adjust their price accordingly. There are some contractors which charge by the number of rooms, but this is not as common as the per hour or per square feet rate.

Location of the property

House cleaning prices are also affected by where the client’s house is located. The service providers will factor in how long it takes them to reach you, how much fuel is spent, and whether that time could be used to cater to several other clients which are located nearer than you. Logistics is always an important aspect of a deal, especially when it comes to good local maid service. The neighborhood can also influence the amount a cleaning service will want to charge you.

Cleaning frequency

The first time visit will most often be the most expensive one for hiring house cleaning services. However, for any subsequent visits, the house cleaning rates can be adjusted if a long-term arrangement is struck. A greater number of visits entails lowering the per hour rate and this is especially true when a schedule is made in advance. Agreeing to a certain amount of cleaning visits over a longer period of time will bring more favorable rates and so will paying upfront.

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