How to Clean Your House Efficiently

Trying to stay on top of housework and chores can sometimes be really tiring. It seems as though you’ve only completed cleaning the house and everything is dirty and messy all over again. No matter how hard you try and how many hours you spend, the house never seems to be spotless.

This is when you will think about calling some of the house cleaning services Toronto has to offer. But you should also think about how to clean your house efficiently and what are the ways to keep it clean longer. Here are some of the tips to help you stay on top of housecleaning.


Making the bed every day as you get up is a great way to start the day and it will help you be more productive. Continuing in that spirit, try to wipe the night table beside your bed in the morning, as it will save you time later on. When it comes to your closet, try to set out clothes you no longer wear as you choose your outfit for the day. When you come home, hang the clothes you intend to wear again back in the closet.

Laundry is important, and that is why setting out a hamper for everyone in the house is a good way to be organized. For a complete effect, start a washing machine cycle every evening if you have enough items to wash.


Bathrooms require a lot of cleaning, because they are a big source of germs. One of the ways to help yourself is to apply cleaner in your shower or bath and rinse it after every bathing. Another way to save time is to use the time you brush your teeth for using a toilet product and then scrubbing it a few minutes later.

Towels and bathrobes should have a proper place to completely dry out, the best way is hanging them. Also, having hampers just for towels is a good way to avoid throwing them on the floor.


While you prepare your morning coffee or tea, you can empty the dishwasher you’ve set to work the previous night. If a spill occurs while you prepare a meal, don’t leave it for later, but wipe it immediately, because that way it will be faster.

Also, while you cook a meal, you can also prepare for cleaning the dishes immediately afterwards. This way, you will not feel lazy after you finish eating the meal. Use the evenings to wipe the countertops and cooking surfaces, as well as put dishes in the dishwasher.

Living room

When you watch TV, the monotonous commercial breaks can be used for wiping down any tables in the room and taking away the possible leftovers of snacks. Also, check regularly for any unnecessary clutter or surplus of items and be sure to set them aside timely.

Still wondering how to clean your house? Ask for help

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