how to clean upholstery yourself

So you came home exhausted and poured yourself a glass of wine, but one thing led to another and whoops – there’s a huge red wine stain on your beige couch. Before you run off to the nearest Toronto house cleaning company, you might be interested in learning how to clean upholstery yourself! Whether the stains are new or old, there is a way to remove them without using aggressive chemicals, so do stay tuned.

Why vacuuming matters

Stains or no stains, vacuuming the upholstery on regular basis is an absolute must. It is a tried-and-tested method to stop dust from settling deep into the fabric, otherwise you’re left with no alternative but to pay for deep cleaning. In case of stains, vacuuming helps you fade the stain and collect loose particles.

How to clean upholstery yourself if you’re dealing with fresh stains

As you already know, when it comes to fresh stains, you have to think on your feet and act immediately. Apply the cleaner, then blot gently, as blotting beats rubbing. If you rub, you run the risk of spreading the stain and weaken the fabric.

How to clean upholstery yourself step 1: check for manufacturer’s instructions

Whether your furniture is old or new, the manufacturer’s instructions might contain the information on how to tackle stains, which is likely the most reliable method.

Choose the cleaner wisely

The first thing you should try is regular soap and water. If you notice zero effect, try using natural ingredients to solve the problem. Start with mixing up a batch of your own DIY cleaner: vinegar, alcohol and lemon. As a last resort, go for heavy-duty cleaners (but do a quick spot-test first to check their effect on the upholstery).

How to clean upholstery yourself if you’re dealing with set-in stains

When it comes to set-in stains, you have to have a well-thought-out approach and not feel disheartened. It doesn’t hurt to put together an assortment of cleaners. After vacuuming and blotting, expose the stain to hot steam using an iron.

Succeeding on the first attempt, not likely – but don’t give up!

After using the above methods, rinse the spot and check if there’s been any progress. Even it seems that you’ve made none, don’t give up. It might be necessary to repeat the process several times to make it work.

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