how to clean bathroom tiles

Spoiler alert: the fastest (and best) solution is to outsource your cleaning to the finest Toronto house cleaning service, No More Chores! But you can also clean your home by yourself, and even get the kids to pitch in! Cleaning your bathroom may seem like a particularly daunting task. After all, the shower requires different cleaning methods and products than the toilet, and getting all those tiles into a pristine, bacteria-free state may seem outright impossible. In fact, most people haven’t got a clue how to clean bathroom tiles although they are a genuine frequently overlooked health hazard. In this article, we’ll give you three home cleaning life hacks that make keeping your bathroom tiles in tip top shape easy.

Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaner is the obvious first answer when it comes to how to clean bathroom tiles. Not only can it do away with built-up dirt, it can be used on many different surfaces and materials ranging from ceramics to carpets. The steam cleaner works its magic by heating the material up, which causes the pores in its surface to open and release the deeply ingrained grit.

The steam cleaner does the exact same thing to bathroom tiles. Just apply steam to your tiles for a while, and then wipe the emerging muck until they’re 100% clean. Furthermore, if you’ve been wondering how to do upholstery cleaning or other similar types of difficult cleaning, you’re in luck! The steam cleaner takes care of that as well.

Specialized tile cleaning products

There are many purpose-made cleaning supplies on the market that make the question of how to clean bathroom tiles a non-issue. Of course, no matter what product you pick, you should follow its instructions, keep your hands safe by wearing rubber gloves, and make sure the cleaning area is well-ventilated.

Believe it or not, you can make your cleaning easier by improvising a steam cleaner. Prior to starting your cleaning, let the shower run hot water for some time. This will steam up the bathroom and cause the pores on the ceramic tiles to open, which makes wiping them considerably easier.

Make your own cleaning solution

Are you wondering how to clean bathroom tiles the natural way? Dilute a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in water, put it in an unused spray bottle, and – voila! – you have your own tile-cleaning solution. The vinegar serves as a degreaser, while the soda eliminates unpleasant smells and purges the surface. For best results, leave the solution on the tiles for a few minutes until the build-up is 100% dissolved. Then get a damp cloth (microfiber works best) and wipe the tiles.

Here’s an idea on how you can get your kids to help you with your cleaning. Tell them you want to play chemist, and then you can all make the vinegar-and-baking-soda solution together. Afterward, let them “test” the solution by helping you clean the bathroom with it. Hey, it’s going to fool them at least once!

How to clean bathroom tiles – the best way

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