how to get your kids to do chores

You haven’t cleaned your room,” you shout, while your child is sitting on the sofa, playing video games on their phone, and yelling back, “I’ll do it later!” We’ve all been through similar back-and-forth arguments, and we’ve all wondered how they can be stopped once and for all. Of course, the best way to avoid this entire problem is to book a cleaning with No More Chores, the top house cleaning services in Toronto, and make the best of your day off by doing the things you enjoy in the company of your loved ones. But although thorough bathroom cleaning can hardly be delegated to kids, there are various things a parent can do to make their kids help out with the daily ironing, vacuuming, and dish-washing. Read on to learn the answers to the age-old question all parents have wrestled with at some point: “How to get your kids to do chores?”

Make a stand

We’re all guilty or avoiding the things we don’t enjoy or even deliberately forgetting that it’s time for cleaning. But if your children are avoiding their chores or postponing them, stop everything you’re doing and talk to them. Take away their phones and their game consoles. Make them understand that, until they’ve completed their assigned tasks, they won’t be allowed to play or watch TV. Tell them they can’t have their treats in a germ-packed kitchen.

Don’t make it possible for your child to choose between fun and chores, because then they’ll always find a way to postpone the chores. Making them pick between boredom and chores, however, is one of the best home cleaning tips when it comes to solving the “how to get your kids to do chores” issue.

Money – the great motivator

If you’re financially able, you should consider giving your children an allowance that is directly dependent on the chores they do. So, when your kids do their tasks on time and without having to be reminded, reward them with a few dollars bonus. When they fail to do their chores or they do them sloppily, you should lower their allowance by a certain amount and give the difference to their siblings who are timely about their chores.

This way, you’re not only giving your kids a strong incentive to help you with the daily household tasks, you’re also teaching them the value of money and what it means to be a good worker.

How to get your kids to do chores? Not by using chores as punishment!

Penalizing bad behavior or unsatisfactory grades by making the children do menial house tasks is a big no-no, because it teaches the child to associate normal, healthy activities like washing the dishes or mopping the floor with punishment. The only time it’s ever okay to use chores in this way is if a child has wronged a sibling. In order to make amends, the offending child can do both their own and the sibling’s chores for the day. Your kids should ideally think of house chores the way you think of them – as somewhat dull tasks that are nonetheless critical to a happy home.

How to get your kids to do chores? With us, you don’t have to!

Here at No More Chores, we believe bonding with your children through fun activities is way more important than arguing with them about house chores. So why not leave your cleaning to the pros and spend your leisure time doing the things that truly matter? Feel free to call us if you have questions about our service. How to clean upholstery? How to clean ceramic tiles? Book our maid service today and watch the pros at work!