clean offices

clean offices

Did you know the average American spends one-third of their life at work? It’s understandable, then, to want to spend this time working in an inspiring and motivating business environment.

Many factors contribute to optimal worker productivity. But employees operating from clean offices are always the most productive. In fact, studies show that a comfortable and clean workplace has a significant effect on office productivity.

But how, exactly, does a clean workplace boost productivity? Keep reading to find out!

Enhanced Focus

Ever tried working in a dirty office or disorganized workspace? No doubt you struggled to find the documents you needed. Or you got distracted by drawers stuffed full of papers. Or spent precious time tackling a stubborn stain on your desk instead of working.

Our brains thrive on order. Constant visual reminders of disorganization can lead to cognitive overload. This then reduces our ability to focus and limits our working memory. It’s no wonder that attempting to perform at your best in a dirty, odorous business environment feels near-impossible. Whether you have to devote time to cleaning or find it difficult to concentrate, productivity is bound to suffer.

This is why hiring office cleaning professionals is so important to your productivity. Clean offices restore a sense of calm, comfort, and order to your business environment. A clean workplace also means that employees have the cognitive resources they need to focus on their own work.

Improved Mental Health

What’s more, feeling forced to work in an office that doesn’t provide the cleanliness and comfort you need is a surefire recipe for an unhappy worker.

Your employees may start to dread coming into work, especially if dirty or untidy environments are a trigger for them. They might even see a decline in their mental health. It’s common for anxiety, depression, and OCD to worsen in an unclean environment. This means reduced productivity while they’re in the office. But, worse still, it may also mean periods of absence as a result of mental health issues aggravated by an unclean workplace.

But, you can help avoid all this by keeping your workplace clean and tidy. Workers will appreciate how their business environment that supports their mental health and wellbeing. And this, in turn, will support both theirs and your productivity goals.

Optimal Health & Safety

Clean offices also improve the physical health of your employees by providing them with a safe and sanitary workplace.

As office cleaning professionals know, offices are a hotbed of germs and grime. Areas such as fridge handles, elevator buttons, and telephones can become covered in bacteria. This makes it essential to deep clean and sanitize offices on a regular basis.

What’s more, employee absence is a huge drain on worker productivity. But most office workers catch viruses from their colleagues. Clean offices limit the possibility of spreading illnesses and infections, protecting worker health. As a result, office cleaning has a direct impact on office productivity.

Clean offices are also safer for you and your workers to enter on a daily basis. Stacks of papers, unattended spills, and overflowing trash cans are all accidents waiting to happen. In contrast, a clean and tidy workspace helps avoid these accidents. Not to mention, the long and problematic staff absences that can occur due to workplace accidents and injuries.

Better Air Quality

As well as clear, tidy, and sanitized surfaces, a clean workplace ensures optimal air quality. Regular vacuuming, cleaning, and sanitizing helps reduce the number of allergens in the air, such as dust particles and mold spores. As well as having a direct effect on employee health and comfort, better air quality in the office also improves worker productivity.

According to this 2021 study, office air quality has a significant impact on employees’ cognitive function. This then affected their response times and ability to focus, as well as their productivity scores. While the researchers found that office ventilation also plays an important role, participants working in business environments with high concentrations of fine particulate matter showed slower response times and lower accuracy on cognitive tests.

Increased Visual Appeal

An obvious but sometimes forgotten benefit of a tidy workspace is how much better it looks. The added visual appeal of sparkling surfaces and clean floors also feels more uplifting and motivating. For both you and your employees, this ensures a more productive frame of mind from the moment you walk in.

Likewise, if your office is open to clients, they’ll appreciate the cleanliness of your business environment. A clean workplace reflects well on company professionalism and the productivity it enables.

A clean workplace is also far more attractive and appealing for prospective new recruits. Worker productivity depends on your ability to hire the best of the best. During the selection process, a clean and welcoming office could be very important in enticing good candidates to join your team.

How Clean Offices Can Improve Worker Productivity

As these points show, clean offices improve worker productivity in many ways.

When you start to look deeper, it makes a lot of sense. Providing your employees with a clean workplace offers them so much more than tidy desks and vacuumed carpets. High standards of office cleanliness also show them that their health matters. That their wellbeing and comfort matter. That their happiness matters. Because a clean and tidy workspace is also a happy one, and happy workers are productive workers!

Want to enjoy the benefits of a clean workplace and more productive workers? Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries, or, why not book now to secure our services for yourself?!

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