declutter your home

declutter your home

Physical clutter in your home and work setting can have a negative effect on your mental health. When you place yourself in a messy or cluttered environment on a regular basis, it can prevent you from thinking clearly and contribute to low energy or stress. If you’ve been feeling more stressed out at home than normal lately, then this could be a sign it’s time to declutter your home.

You clean your home each and every day, but never seem to have it as clean as you’d like. When there are children running behind you undoing everything you just cleaned, it’s nearly impossible to keep things clean while also spending time with the family and finding time to relax. If this sounds familiar to you, then know you’re not alone.

This guide is here to help! Continue reading below for a list of several tips for organizing your home and minimizing the clutter.

Take It Room by Room

Trying to tackle the entire house in one day or at one time is sure to cause a feeling of being overwhelmed. When you have several cluttered or messy rooms in your home, take a step back and tackle it one room at a time. Keep in mind that you most likely won’t clean the entire house in one day.

It might take several days to get it where you want it to be, and that’s okay. Each day, choose a room you want to clean and work on that one room only. To help reduce some stress and anxiety about the situation, consider creating a list of your cleaning goals or a schedule to stick to.

Create Three Piles

As you clean each room, you’ll want to start by creating three piles. Each pile will be for different types of items. Take all of the items in the room and decide if they’re there to stay, if the items are trash, or if the items are going to be sold or donated.

Take the time to go through all of the items in the room and place them in a specific pile. If you have items that belong in a different room, then you can return them to their correct room once done (dishes, remotes, etc…). Once you have your three piles, you can then throw away the trash and place the give-away items in bins or bags and remove them from the room.

Clean From Top to Bottom

Not that you’ve cleared some space in the room, you can begin cleaning and sanitizing. To do this, you’ll want to start from the top and work your way down. Never start cleaning the room from the bottom.

If you were to sweep or vacuum the floor and then dust the ceiling fan, then dust could fall onto the floor, creating more work for you. For this reason, always start by dusting your ceilings, ceiling fans, curtains, and work your way down the room. Wipe down surfaces from top to bottom as well.

Finish the cleaning process by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors (depending on the type of flooring you have).

Replace Items in an Organized Manner

Now that the room is clean, you can bring your items back into the room. Before you begin shoving clothes in drawers that are too full or placing items under the bed or in the closet, think organization. You want to replace all of your items in an organized manner.

To make things simpler, you might want to consider purchasing organizers for the closets, organizational bins, and other storage solutions for all of your items. This will help you get organized and stay organized.

Unpack the Closets and Garage

Unfortunately, shoving everything you own into the closets and the garage isn’t exactly decluttering your home. When you go to open your closet or enter your garage, you’ll be faced with this mess. You deserve to access both your closets and your garage with ease and without it causing stress.

To ensure this, unpack your closets and the garage. Treat these spaces as their own room if they’re especially messy. Using organizational solutions in these areas of the home will also be beneficial.

Start a No-Shoe Policy

Do you currently allow shoes in the home? Did you know that the bottom of your shoes can bring in lots of bacteria, germs, and dirt into your home? If you’ve noticed dirty carpets and hard flooring recently, then this could be a sign that it’s time to put a no-shoe policy in place.

Make sure everyone in the home understands that no shoes are allowed past the front door. Place a shoe rack or bench with cubbies by the door for family members and guests to place their shoes in before walking inside.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Keeping the home clean while managing a family is no easy task. When you’d rather spend your free time with your children or enjoying wine with friends while still being able to come home to a clean and relaxing home, then hiring a cleaning service is a great option for you. Any busy parent would agree that having a regular cleaning service to tackle all of the mess in the home is a luxury to invest in.

With the help of professional cleaning services, you can finally get the help you’ve been needing and have one less thing to worry about. Many cleaning services offer a variety of cleaning services as well, such as deep cleaning, move-out/move-in cleaning, one-time cleaning, regular cleaning, and more!

How Can We Help Declutter Your Home?

Do you need help maintaining the cleanliness of your home to allow you more time to spend with friends and family? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to come home and enjoy your house each and every day without the stress of needing to clean or declutter your home. Let No More Chores relieve you of your home cleaning duties.

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