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Airbnb Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are a part of the vacation rental industries, there are plenty of things to think about. One of the factors which really influence the reviews your property gets online is the cleanliness. Nobody wants to sleep in a dusty property, so the level of hygiene will be among the first things new guests notice upon arrival.

This is why rental owners should take good care of the cleanliness of their property. These are some of the most common mistakes which can happen, regardless of whether you decide to do it yourself or hire an Airbnb cleaning company to do the job for you.

Rushing it

As in the case of many other areas in life, procrastination can strike when it comes to cleaning vacation rentals. If you try to do all the cleaning last-minute, mistakes are likely to occur. In order for you not to omit any areas that need cleaning, start preparing in advance to gain precious time. This means taking into consideration the possibility your guests will not leave a clean room upon departure.

However, you should provide an immaculate rental for all new guests coming into your house or apartments. They will appreciate it and leave a greater rating when they leave, prompting more people to choose it in the future.

Unclear instructions

If the task of cleaning your property is taking too much of your time or you think professionals will do the job faster, hiring a cleaning service is a good idea. However, even the best Airbnb cleaning company can miss something if you don’t give clear instructions beforehand.

The best way to make sure the job will be done as best as possible is to organize a tour before cleaning starts and point out any irregularities and specifics in the layout. These notes and instructions will help the cleaning company leave your property spotless.

No checklist

Similarly, if you decide to do it yourself, cleaning without a checklist can cause you headaches. Be sure to note all the peculiarities you should look for while cleaning the property. This will save you time on the go and help you do a more thorough job.

Not good enough

When it comes to cleaning your properties, no job can be perfect, but it is important to strive towards the best possible outcome, not settling for anything less. This means that you should approach the task seriously and studiously so it won’t be done offhand.

Unrealistic expectations

As mentioned, guests can sometimes leave a dirty room after they leave. This is why it’s good to provide them with check-in and check-out lists with recommendations and requirements. It is important to be clear as to what you expect from them when they leave, but be sure not to have too high expectations. If you cross the line, this can result in even worse outcomes.

Hire the Best Airbnb Cleaning Company

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