Effective this week in Ontario, No More Chores has been deemed an essential service. We’re committed more than ever to keeping you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can’t expect that all people can disinfect their own homes with cleaning expertise they don’t possess and cleaning supplies they can’t obtain. With a global pandemic of infection disease paralyzing our economy and disrupting our lives, the solution is NOT to clean less. It’s to clean more — by professionals.

Our cleaning technicians only service 1 to 2 clients per day, have minimal personal contact, wear gloves, use professional-grade disinfectants and have years of experience riding surfaces of bacteria and viruses. They represent one of the best ways to keep your home germ-free.

Sanitizing and disinfection has become essential to combating this pandemic. Because of this, we’ve added a 10-Point Disinfection service for all touch-point surfaces throughout your homes and offices.

Disinfection included in Every Cleaning:

  1. Light Switches
  2. Doorknobs
  3. Cabinet Handles
  4. Counters
  5. Faucets
  6. Sinks
  7. Appliance Handles
  8. Toilet Handles
  9. Toilet Seats
  10. Stair Railings

As always, we are taking the utmost precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and team members. You can find more information about that in our post about our fight against the coronavirus.

– Mike and Your Cleaning Team