Shower Shelf in Wall

Your bathroom is a room which is used every day by all members of your household. It is also the most frequently cleaned room in your home. It doesn’t matter how big your bathroom is, additional storage space can really help out for a better organization. Better organization leads to easier cleaning, regardless of whether you do it yourself or use a Toronto cleaning service.

Bathroom Shelf with DecorationsPut organizers on the inside of your medical cabinet

A medicine cabinet is the usual part of a bathroom and a fantastic space-saver. However, it can be organized even further to be even more space-saving. If you put adhesive organizers on the inside of the cabinet door, they can hold items such as toothbrushes, nail polishes and other cosmetics.

Create a magnetic storage board for makeup

Small pieces of makeup can get lost in the vastness of space in your bathroom. As they are something you will need on a day to day basis, they should be kept handy. One way to do so is to make a frame with a magnetic surface to which all small pieces will stick.

Connect several buckets with a rope

If you rope together several buckets or utensil holders and put them on an empty wall, you will gain additional space. They can be hung on a simple hook and hold hair or makeup brushes, as well as hairspray or deodorant.

Build a recessed shelf in the shower wall

Everybody needs space for soap and other similar toiletries. As they should be handy while taking a shower or a bath, a great way to have them nearby is to make a recessed shelf in the very shower wall.

Put another shower rod inside the shower

Another way to create additional space in your shower is to install a second shower rod inside of it. The tension rod can then be used for hanging hooks which can hold some lighter toiletries, such as loofas and razors.

Put suction cups on the shower wall

If you still need further storage space in your shower, putting suction cups on shower wall can be a great hack. Use hair ties or laces to hold shampoos, shaving cream or hair conditioners.

Using step stools as storage place

While kids are little, they might need the help of a step stool to reach the sink. A step stool needs not only take up space, it can also provide additional storage for toys. Hollow out the inside and place everything your little ones might need in the bathroom.

Use the bathroom door for towel racks

The bathroom door is a large surface which can be used to hang towels. This can be done by putting a few towel bars on the door and hanging towels on them.

Bathroom Door HooksPut towels on wall ropes

Another way to hang your towels is by placing a couple of bolts and placing rope between them. This way, towels can hang on the walls.

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