One of the most frustrating things to see in your apartment is dust… Everywhere! It seems as if these fine particles find their way to every nook and cranny of your space, making your home environment rather uncomfortable and dirty, to say the least. 

Anyone that suffers from dust allergies will understand just how terrible it is to be in a dusty room, let alone live in a dusty apartment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep dust away completely because, no matter what measures you take, dust will find its way into your home. The good news, however, is that there are many things you CAN do to significantly reduce dust in your apartment which, in turn, will do wonders for your health and living environment

Before we share our top tips to minimize the amount of dust in your apartment, let’s learn a little more about how our homes become so dusty in the first place.

Where Does Dust Come From?

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, dust is inevitable because it is often made up of dead skin cells, fibers from fabric, particles that get blown in from outside, and just about anything that is capable of drying and flaking off into miniscule particles. 

You may not realize it but every time you come home or step outside for a little bit, you drag in more dirt which adds to the dust in your apartment. Furthermore, if you live in an older building that does not have provisions for adequate airflow, dust will accumulate that much quicker. Even your pets (cats, dogs, and other furry animals) contribute to household dust because they shed dander and bring in dust and dirt that get trapped in their fur while outside. 

Having this knowledge and a better understanding of what causes dust in apartments will help you learn how to reduce the amount that creeps into yours. For more effective ways to do that, read on!

How to Reduce Dust in Your Apartment

If you really want to keep (as much) dust at bay in your apartment, it’s going to take consistent efforts and a dedicated cleaning schedule to see satisfactory results. This may be a little tougher and longer than it should be if you haven’t deep cleaned and/or decluttered your apartment in a long time. Nevertheless, we all have to begin somewhere but the end result is certainly worth the time and effort required to reduce dust in your living space. 

So, let’s get right into it, then!

#1 Get Rid of Clutter

Whether it’s a disorganized desk, or a stack of magazines and mail on the coffee table; where there is clutter, dust has the option to settle on it and accumulate. Not only does this add to the dust in your apartment, it makes cleaning that much harder and time-consuming, too. So, one of the first rules in getting rid of dust in your home is to declutter

Avoid leaving things lying around, and make sure that there is an appropriate storage space for everything to be put back in place. While you’re at it, consider getting rid of things that no longer serve you but could very well be of use to someone else.

#2 Do Away With Carpets/Rugs or Vacuum Them Regularly

When your carpets and rugs get dusty, they become visibly dirty, smell musty, and even feel grimy. Unfortunately, they accumulate dust fairly quickly and hence, are less preferred in households with hard flooring. If, however, you do not wish to get rid of the carpets and rugs in your apartment, you will need to vacuum them at least 3-4 times a week, if not more often. This will ensure that they do not hold much dust which easily gets transferred to other areas in the home with foot traffic.

#3 Fit Windows With Anti-Dust Screens

As much as you may enjoy the breeze and cross ventilation in your apartment on a windy day, with it comes a lot of dust that is not visible in the air but fairly evident when it settles on household surfaces. One effective way to keep dust from blowing in is to use fiberglass screens on your windows that will trap dust while still allowing some of the cool breeze to come through. 

#4 Leave Shoes at the Door

Set up a shoe rack right near your front door and encourage people to leave their shoes at the door so that more dirt and dust is not dragged through your apartment floor. Keeping spare flip flops or bathroom slippers on the rack that you can easily slip into when you get home will help develop the habit of taking your shoes off at the door.

#5 Vacuum Upholstery

If you give your upholstered chairs and sofa cushions a gentle beating, chances are that a cloud of dust will come out of them; this is a big enough indication that your upholstery is due for a thorough vacuuming. Depending on the type of fabric in question, you will need to use an appropriate vacuum attachment to safely and efficiently clean the material. It is also important to deep clean upholstery to remove dirt and stains every 2-3 months.

#6 Keep Window Treatments Clean

Whether you have curtains or venetian blinds, window treatments are prone to large amounts of dust and fine debris that are carried in from outside. Of course, if you have installed anti-dust screens over your windows, the treatments will remain cleaner for longer periods; however, they will still need washing or cleaning. For blinds, use a clean, damp microfiber cloth to wipe the slats every week while curtains should be laundered or dry cleaned once a month.

#7 Groom Pets Outside

For the sake of their own hygiene, pet-grooming is necessary for your furry family members. By purchasing the appropriate pet tools, you can easily brush your cat or dog outdoors to keep pet hair and dander shedding to a minimum. It is recommended to do this once a week, and twice a week during shedding season. The type of breed your pet is will also determine how often they need to be groomed so it is advisable to consult with your vet for this. 

In conclusion, we learn that cleaning (regularly) is your best bet for minimizing dust in your apartment while other measures that limit the amount of dust and dirt that comes in, will also help you achieve your goal. It is understandable that many individuals do not have the time or means to adhere to the tips above and hence, may find that the better option here is to hire a professional home cleaning service to maintain a clean and tidy apartment!