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House cleaning is a constituent part of your daily life and necessary in order to have a clean home. It can really take up a lot of your time in case of a bad schedule and organization. Here are some tips which can help you save time and make your Toronto house cleaning faster and more efficient than before.

Use the right type of soap

Our bathrooms are usually stocked with tallow-based soaps, which can sometimes leave crusted traces on the shower walls. However, using some soap based on vegetable oil or glycerin will ease up the rinsing process and help your bathroom walls and floor to look clean longer.

Switch off the phone

Phones can ring at any time and interrupt you during the cleaning process and this is why it’s best to shut them off to get everything done. This also applies to the TV and PC, which can be an even bigger source of distractions during your cleaning routine.

Start with the smaller tasks

Depending on the size of your house, there are plenty of areas which need cleaning. Sometimes, this can be discouraging, but there is a way to counter that feeling. Try doing the simpler stuff first, like cleaning smaller rooms and then heading on to the bigger challenges.

The dishwasher can help

The dishwasher is a handy appliance which can save a lot of precious time and do the tedious washing instead of you. But, it can be used for other things on top of the dishes and cutlery. Try putting toothbrush holders, soap dishes and any other small plastic or ceramic materials and see them fully cleaned.

A squeegee is very useful

Cleaning the shower and tub is something nobody enjoys. It can be a lot easier if you purchase a squeegee and introduce a new routine. Everyone who uses the shower or tub simply quickly wipes the walls, sides and floors when they’re done. This way, the excess water and soap and shower residue will be gone.

Use steam for the microwave

The insides of a microwave can get really dirty and crusted if not cleaned regularly. A way to make the cleaning easier is to microwave a water cup for a couple of minutes beforehand. It will release steam which will soften the edges and make it easier to wipe them down.

Some areas don’t need to be cleaned each time

Although your cleaning schedule includes all areas of the household, there are some which can be skipped at least every other time. This includes rooms seldom used, such as a guest bedroom or a formal living room. The parts of the household which are used all the time should not be skipped.

Professional Toronto house cleaning services

Even with all the time-saving tips and tricks, cleaning your house can certainly sometimes be too much for your schedule. This is when No More Chores steps in, providing expert house cleaning services for all areas of your household, leaving you enough time to deal with other priorities.


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