household cleaning

household cleaningWith the average American working 8.5 hours each day, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for family or chores. Kids, homework, and social events can chew up your schedule in a hurry. If household maintenance is becoming a headache, it pays off to enlist some help.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn about 7 reasons you should hire a professional to do your household cleaning!

1. Maintain a Healthy Home

A key benefit of regular cleaning is that you’ll create a healthier environment for your family. When there’s dust floating around, it can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Likewise, not cleaning surfaces means that bacteria can linger and infect anyone who touches those surfaces.

Invest in routine home cleaning to create a healthy space. Professional cleaners have the expertise to keep mold and mildew from taking over your shower and kitchen. And you’ll gain cleaner air and fewer germs!

2. Avoid Pest Problems

The last thing you want is for your home to become a haven for pests. Without regular cleaning, though, this scenario can become a reality. If you’re seeing ants in your kitchen or noticing evidence of rats or mice, it’s time to up your cleaning game.

Any time you leave crumbs or unwrapped food products out, you invite ants and other insects to invade. Similarly, you might start noticing evidence of destructive rodents feeding on your leftovers.

Avoid the need for calling pest control by calling a professional cleaning company instead. They’ll disinfect countertops and clean all the nooks and crannies most likely to attract pests. With fewer crumbs and sticky surfaces, you’ll be less likely to see pests.

3. Save Time

Who wants to tack on cleaning to a day that already feels too long? After working, picking up the kids, or running errands, you simply don’t have time to invest in regular cleaning.

Hire a professional to ensure that you can use the remaining hours in your day to enjoy a walk outside — or help the kids with homework. You won’t be stuck doing backbreaking cleaning tasks that you’d rather not be doing.

A professional cleaning company knows how to work efficiently, too. If you’re trying to do a deep clean on several rooms, you might approach the process randomly. But trained cleaners will know how long disinfectants need to penetrate surfaces and can address other areas while they wait.

4. Find a Flexible Cleaning Schedule

Household maintenance never runs on a set schedule, especially if you’re doing it yourself. But you might prefer having a weekly schedule to keep your bathrooms sanitized or living space dust-free. Fortunately, professional cleaners can make that happen.

When you’re working with a professional cleaning company, you can create a plan that works with your schedule and budget. They’ll provide only the services you want without interrupting the other scheduled parts of your day.

If Wednesdays are ideal for a weekly scrub down, for instance, you’ll be able to count on scheduling one then. Professional cleaners will arrive with a checklist and work efficiently to get the job done quickly.

5. Keep Pet Smells Under Control

Do you own cats or dogs? Even if you wash their paws and clean the litterbox, you still can smell their presence over time. Dust, pet dander, and urine can start to impact the scent of your home.

But if you hand off the cleaning duties to the pros, they’ll have good deodorizers to mitigate the problem. And if your pet has had any accidents, you might still see evidence on the carpet. Professional cleaners have products that can spot-clean these stubborn stains.

Especially if you plan on selling your home in the future, you don’t want pet smells to become a red flag. Turn to the pros to keep them at bay!

6. Create a Clean Home for Guests

If you’re hosting friends for dinner or a special party, you want your abode to look its best. Similarly, if you’re hosting a brunch the day after a wedding, you want your space to shine with sparkling windows and gleaming floors.

A good professional cleaning company can provide regular cleaning so you’re always ready for guests. But they also can provide a one-time deep clean the day before your party to ensure that everything looks clean.

They’ll mop the floors, clean the stove, and even dust the blades of your overhead fan. Vents, light fixtures, and baseboards will be free of dust and dander. You’ll know that your home is welcoming and fresh for your special visitors!

7. Save on Household Expenses

You might be surprised to learn that a professional cleaning company can save you money. That’s because you won’t need to stock your front hall closet with endless amounts of cleaning supplies. A professional cleaning company will be armed with high-powered cleaners that you can’t find in grocery store aisles.

You won’t need to invest in a fancier vacuum cleaner — or haul it to all the floors of your home! And you won’t need to constantly replace mops, buy cleaning gloves, or invest in other deep cleaning equipment.

Maybe you need your carpet steam cleaned or want your wooden furniture polished. Know that the pros will have the right equipment and chemicals ready!

Get Help with Household Cleaning

Hiring out your household cleaning duties can be a way to regain control over your life. You’ll save time and money by letting the professionals handle the dusting and mopping. And you’ll prevent mold, unpleasant odors, and pests from taking over your home.

Ready to get a cleaner home? Contact us so we can help!