6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Clean During The Holidays
6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Clean During The Holidays

The holidays are here, but everyday life doesn’t stop! Holiday home cleaning can get pushed out because your decorations make cleaning more complicated than usual and everybody is busy buying presents and going to parties. If you’re looking for holiday home maintenance tips, you’re in the right blog! Keep reading to discover some useful suggestions to plan your cleaning schedule and avoid your house looking messy during the season.

Involve the whole family

First of all, you have to remember you’re not the only one capable of doing housework. Having the entire family, especially children, helping with cleaning chores will spare you from unnecessary stress. Delegate specific tasks or responsibilities to everyone, agree on the best time to do it and emphasize the importance of having a tidy environment. In fact, this could help your children gain some pride in doing these tasks.

Buy enough cleaning supplies

You don’t want to be out of cleaning supplies in the middle of the holidays. The stores are always crowded and probably with no stock, so make sure you buy big packs before the busy days of the holidays. A good tip is to get extra-large cleaning supplies and divide them into small bottles to distribute around the house. Keep them handy but in safe places, out of reach from little children.

Deep clean first, decorate later

The best moment to clean during the holidays is BEFORE the holidays. Your decoration may look cute, but they will certainly leave some residues on your floor and other surfaces. Also, deep cleaning with your decoration could be tricky. So, pick up the vacuum cleaner, mops, brooms, and cloths; divide the work to your family, and start scrubbing! Next time you do deep cleaning will be in January.

Keep decorations simple and easy to clean

Although you have lots of holiday decorations stored in your attic, think again before using it all at once. Even the prettiest decoration can look awful in a couple of weeks if the dirt and dust accumulate quickly. Every time you put up a decoration, think about how you’re going to clean it, as it should be fast end easy. If it gets complicated, then you might want to skip it.

Organize everything

Cleaning is so much easier when you have every item handy. As a suggestion: buy a lot of baskets and sticky labels to organize your cleaning supplies and things around the house. Plan a quick process to do everyday stuff to keep the house clean as much as possible. Delegate tasks to your family and explain to them where every item is located. That way, the whole family can contribute to maintain neat and tidy the home.

Clean as you go

But doing all these tips doesn’t ensure your house will be cleaned during the holidays. After all, you and your family keep living there; dishes are going to get dirty, surfaces are going to get dusty. The most important tip is to clean every day, clean as you go. Similar to the last tip, you have to delegate tasks, organize the items, and make a plan to clean at least 10 minutes every day. Vacuum the floors, scour the tables, dust the decorations, keep the kitchen from accumulating grease.
If you follow these simple tips, you’ll manage to maintain your house fresh and clean during the holidays. The house will be the pride of your family and admiration for your guests. But, if you just are to busy to apply these tips, don’t forget to call us and we can clean for you.