6 Essential Tips to prevent and combat mold in your home

6 Essential Tips to prevent and combat mold in your home

Summer is the best season to do some home projects and repairs. The weather is (mostly) excellent, and the small gatherings are a reason to give your home clean up. But what about mold and mildew at home? If your home has those nasty stains, you better act before they spread. Also, mold prevention is crucial because it affects your family’s health in the long run. So, keep reading to learn six essential tips about how to prevent mold.

When your rugs, carpets, and shower curtains are soaked, you better wash and dry them appropriately. Consider removing carpets in high moisture places like the bathroom and keeping an entry rug in your porch to avoid bringing mud and water from outside. As a tip, it doesn’t hurt to spray some white vinegar into your shower curtains when the mold starts to appear.

  • Keep your ventilation working.

Mold grows where the humidity levels are high. The best way to avoid these unwanted stains in your walls and appliances is to keep the air flowing. Use your air conditioner wisely, or buy a dehumidifier for your home’s specific areas like the bathroom, the garage, or wardrobe. We recommend using your fans and opening your windows first. If the moisture keeps coming back, then use a more potent method like the HVAC system. If the humidity persists, buy a humidity meter and check your home.

  • Keep your windows and appliances open.

Regardless of your air conditioner, it’s good to open your windows a couple of times a day to let in the fresh air. And, as an additional measure, leave the dishwasher, the closet, and the dryer machine a little open to avoid mold accumulation inside. These appliances work with great quantities of moisture and need to be exposed to fresh air, especially in high-humidity days.

  • Check for leaks.

Once you apply all the tips above, but those nasty mold stains keep coming back, then you probably have leaks in your walls’ interior. Leaks are a common issue near the bathroom, the kitchen, or any room where pipes are installed. Call a professional plumber to check your water system and ensure there’s no leak.

  • Give maintenance to your rain gutters.

Another unwanted source of moisture can be your rain gutters. If there is debris in them or some other trouble causing the water to enter your home, then it’s a problem that needs to be fixed right away (and before the rainy season starts). If the mold problem is more frequent during the rainy days, then it’s a high chance that your gutter needs repairing.

  • Use the right products and materials.

Although bleach is an excellent chemical against mold, there are many other commercial options you can look up in your grocery store. Control your mold problem (or prevent it), lean your bathroom and other high-moisture areas with those products, and expect favorable results. 

If you’re in the middle of a home remodeling, select humidity-tolerant materials for your bathroom, washing room, or kitchen. These materials can be made of plastic or porcelain, which retain almost no water and stay mold-free.

Whatever your summer home project is, we wish you the best of luck and success. Hope these mold prevention tips were useful. Remember that No More Chores can provide for your home a professional cleaning and sanitation service. Book yours on our website.

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