keeping the house clean

Don’t we all think it’s the moms who keep the house clean? Have you seen a dad at work with a vacuum cleaner? Well, they are the ones who are clever with cleaning tricks and can also keep a sparkling clean home. Here are few tricks dads use for cleaning the house.

  1. Always start from the ceiling

    Dads generally start cleaning from the ceiling. When you remove cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, it will fall on the furniture and the floor. So start with removing cobwebs first with a vacuum cleaner. You can check the review of Miele C3. It’s a great vacuum cleaner. Then wipe the fan and lamps with a clean cloth. Make sure you don’t touch the lights or lamps when it is hot. Once your ceiling is clean, then go for the wall.

  2. Walls get dirty too!

    Walls have hidden fingerprints or dirt marks. Use a wet cloth and gently clean them without removing off the paint from the wall.

  3. Remove the curtains and cushion covers

    Curtains and cushion covers should go in the washing machine for washing. Leave the cushions in the sun for a while. This will remove odor from the cushions. Clean the curtain rods with a clean cloth and leave it for a while. Once the entire house is cleaned, hang a new curtain over the rod and new cushion covers to the cushions.

  4. Clean the furniture 

    Remove the bed sheets from the mattresses. Use your vacuum for your sofa, mattress, and carpets. Dads are a bit more possessive about keeping the furniture clean. They will always take extra care in cleaning furniture. They would use a microfiber to clean the glass tables and mirror. They will use newspaper to clean the windows and drier sheets for the blinds. Once you’re done cleaning the entire house, then spread a clean bedsheet over the mattress.

  5. Clean the garage 

    The Garage is one of the most important places for a dad in the house. A dad wouldn’t want to miss out on cleaning the garage while cleaning the house. Park your vehicle outside the garage. Then start cleaning using a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust and cobwebs in the garage. Use a wire scrub and dish wash liquid to remove oil spills and stains. To wipe any mold, use vinegar and hot water solution or bleach. You can conclude by mopping the floor and hosing off. Leave the floor to dry before you park your vehicle back in the garage.

Most dads are very meticulous about cleaning. Once they make up their mind to clean the house, everyone else in the house will have to go out for shopping or other errands as they don’t want you back home. However, if someone is willing to help, they will always appreciate the help, and they love good co-workers. Beware! When they start cleaning, the house will look very messy. However, once they are done with the cleaning, you will love your sparkling clean home. The bonus of cleaning with your dad is; you learn good cleaning tips and tricks that you will never forget for a lifetime. Happy Cleaning!

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