No More Chores - 5 Of The Biggest Mistakes When Renovating Your Office
No More Chores - 5 Of The Biggest Mistakes When Renovating Your Office

Office Renovation Top Mistakes

Every business owner and employee deserves to feel comfortable in their office. After all, we spend almost eight hours a day working there. Not to mention, we want to give a good impression to our clients and possible clients that visit us. That’s why office remodeling is quite necessary, but often requires a lot of attention to detail. Keep reading to know some of the biggest mistakes business owners make when renovating their office.

Rushing the project

Remodeling your office is a task that requires time and research. By rushing the project, you might miss a few important details that could affect your office for years to come, like a fragile floor or obstructive furniture. Also, you have to consider the hours or days you’ll have to close the business while the remodeling happens. Do the calculation of how much money you will lose to get the remodeling done and include it in your budget.

Skipping the research

Related with the last point, skipping research is one of the biggest remodeling mistakes to avoid. Remember that a new layer of paint, a wood floor, house plants, and windows are expensive items and almost permanent. You have to make sure that your remodeling is right for you and your business. For example, if your office has lots of people walking around, your floor would have to be resistant to many steps.

Prioritizing aesthetics over function

This one happens a lot in office remodelings and not because business owners are vain or superficial, but because they tend to forget some crucial operational details. And this happens because business owners don’t spend all day in their offices. Our best advice is to stay a couple of days a week entirely in your office and observe the daily routine, the movements the employees do, the light that enters at morning and evening, and alike. If you can do this, ask your employees.

Doing it all yourself

Business owners often have a driven attitude and the ability to learn fast and get things done. Setting up a business is hard work! But, knowing your limits is a valuable virtue. When it comes to remodeling your office, you have to decide whether you are the one to arrange everything, buy the furniture, install the lighting, or lay the carpet. If you’ve never done those things or you have little experience doing it, your best call is to hire a commercial cleaning contractor. You may spend more money, but the time, effort, and stress you are sparing are worth it.

Not involving your employees

Last but not least, including your employees in the office’s renovation could be a better idea than you think. Perhaps you won’t have to ask them in general what they want, but you tell them your thoughts and ask for their opinions. That way, your employees can give more realistic ideas, and you would have a better chance to apply them. By doing this, you’ll make your employees feel included, even if the remodeling turns out different than expected. 

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