deep cleaningIs there anything better than that feeling when you know your house is clean? Not just the usual once over, but a good old thorough deep cleaning.

We don’t think there is, and the benefits of a clean home are not only felt by you but your family too. In fact, clean homes have proven to be vital for our long-term physical and mental health as is highlighted by the University of Minnesota.

But let’s be honest, the actual idea of doing a deep clean can be tiring in itself. Therefore to help you we have put together a list of great tips and tricks that should be enough to get your home sparkling in no time.

1. Decluttering Is Key

Before beginning any deep cleaning an important but often forgotten step is decluttering. Over the years it is normal for families to accumulate things but you may be surprised by just how much you have!

Avoid being sentimental and ask yourself, “Have we used this in the last 6/12 months?” If the answer is no then the next step is easy. Either sell, donate or bin, but be decisive.

Post the items to sell online or take those other items to the charity store that week. If you underestimate the call of nostalgia and leave it for too long, you may find them still in your home when you next deep clean!

2. Take on the Whole House

One of the reasons deep cleaning can seem eternal is because when one room is done, one look into the next one is enough to demoralize even the most motivated among us.

A tip for deep cleaning the house to help take the edge off is to focus on tasks rather than rooms. Whether sweeping, dusting, or mopping, once one room is done, move onto the next.

This way even when you stop for an all-important coffee break (or glass of wine!) you can still enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

3. Keep Your Tools With You

Although deep cleaning is the opposite of a speed clean, any way to save time is appreciated. One good way to speed up and increase that valuable “you time” afterward is being organized with the tools of the trade.

You can use a tote bag, bucket, or caddy to put them in, but keep your sprays, cloths, and the like all together. That way you can have everything you need with you as you make your way through your home.

4. High to Low Is the Way to Go

Deep cleaning the right way means getting things done once and moving on. Yet an area that we have done can still appear to accumulate dust while we are finishing up.

Often this comes down to having an erratic strategy rather than thinking things out. One basic rule used by professional deep cleaning services is to start high and finish with the floors. Focus on cleaning high hard-to-reach spots like light fittings and cabinet tops and then on the areas that tend to be bigger problem areas like the floors.

Working to a good system like this can make a deep clean seem like light work.

5. Make Sure Your Tools Are Clean

One of the reasons that professional home deep cleaning services are so good comes down to the cleaning equipment that they use. But we can all up our cleaning game if we follow their lead and regularly clean what we use.

Brooms and vacuum cleaners are far less efficient when dirty, so take the time to clean them from time to time.

6. Tackle a Kitchen Problem Area

No deep cleaning house checklist would be complete without some words on the kitchen. The heart of the home is also guilty of being the hub of grease and other dirt that are normally the trigger point for us to think, “I need to deep clean!”.

While cleaning a kitchen could be a whole post in itself we will focus on one useful, but not-so-well-known tip.

As any busy family knows, although the microwave is a lifesaver it can be a hub of grime.

Freshen yours up by putting lemon slices in a bowl of water along with a few tablespoons of vinegar and leave it to boil for 5 minutes. The mixture won’t only make it smell better but should soften up any caked-on stains that have been decorating it to be wiped off easily.

7. Get Your Windows Squeaky Clean

Attention to your windows is vital if you want to get your deep cleaning right.

As well as using a standard window cleaner, the homemade solution of equal parts dish soap and white wine vinegar along with two parts water is very effective. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it evenly before wiping it away.

8. Hook, Line, and Sink Cleaner

It is usually during a deep cleaning that we decide to tackle things that we have noticed for some time. Near to the top of that list is always slight blockages in sinks.

However, instead of rushing to the store for a drain unblocker, you may already have some things in your home that can do the job. It’s our friends again baking soda and vinegar!

The steps are quite simple. First, pour boiling water into the drain in question. Afterward, pour down 1 cup of baking powder and then a liquid solution made up of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. Be sure to cover the drain for 10 minutes and then pour boiling water down the drain again.

9. Fridge Focus

Although deep cleaning a fridge can seem like the most laborious task, we’re sure you agree that there is nothing like the feeling of opening it afterward to see the fruits of your labor.

Get it done right by first sorting through what is out of date. Remember, things that are close to their use-by date can still be frozen, so waste not, want not!

Next, take out all of the shelves and make a solution with 1 liter of warm water and 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda. This is great to soak them in before scrubbing them clean with a sponge. Then there is nothing more to do than place them back and refill your fridge.

10. Pet Peeves

Although we love our extended furry members of our family if we don’t get our deep cleaning right their presence can still leave us feeling like we haven’t fully finished.

One area that tends to linger is their smell. But again, a home remedy can be great at neutralizing particularly that dog aroma. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet but particularly on the dog bed and leave it for 15 mins vacuuming it up afterward for a return to a clean, neutral smell.

Take the Stress Out of Deep Cleaning

We hope that you enjoyed our rundown of some of the best deep cleaning tips.

There is however only one true way to enjoy a deep clean in your home and that’s by leaving it to the professionals. We at No More Chores offer a one-time deluxe deep clean that can provide your home with sparkle unlike any other. Get a quote by following this link.